Miley Fur Coat ‘Might As Well Wear Dogs’

Y100’'s Jingle Ball 2013World sex icon Miley Cyrus has been SLAMMED for wearing what appears to be a real fur coat for her Jingle Ball performance at the BB&T Center, in Miami, on December 20. Outraged Twitter user, @NatashaSchell wrote: ‘Miley Cyrus shame on you for wearing fur you don’t now what animals go through for that coat might as well wear dogs.’

Another, who goes by the name of @littleskye123 wrote: ‘Miley Cyrus wears real fur! She may as well just go back to being half naked.’ @ChelseaCrouton added: ‘Only thing more repulsive than @MileyCyrus is Miley Cyrus in fur. Her poor dogs, bet she’ll skin them next to make a pair of booty shorts.’

  • Alii

    She just wants to be controversial.

  • LALA

    I never respected her as an artist, but I respected her right to get naked if she wanted to. It doesn’t harm anyone, just her own rep. This is actually ridiculous. I honestly didn’t expect this from her. Now I feel like a fool.

  • cerenagee

    What a fucking hypcorite. She was once a vegetarian. So disgusting. Anyone who proudly wears fur is fucking disgusting to me. So terrible what those animals go through. Those are not our animals, that is not our fur to take! Humans are so selfish. They just take take take.

    • shut up

      How do you know if it’s even real fur? You’re so fucking annoying.

      • cerenagee

        Then don’t read my posts piece of shit

        • LikeICare

          forget the haters cos somebody luvs yaaaaaaaa

    • :)

      You know what’s disgusting? You dumbasses will believe everything you fucking read. Do you honestly think she would wear real fur?

      And the 2nd half of your comment is pathetic. What does the weather outside have to do with her performance inside? Guaranteed it’s between 70-75 degrees inside that arena. So any performer is gonna sweat their asses off (Jason Derulo) when they’re out there. So what she wore was perfectly fine for her. The coat was a prop. So get the fuck off your high horse and chill out!

      • Guest

        @cerenagee:disqus Just making sure it’s her ^. I can’t appreciate a good voice with hateful attacks like that. What an attitude!

        • cerenagee

          Yeah. When it comes to her precious little miley she will go cray on uou

      • cerenagee

        Are you fucking retarded? Like anything miley does you find an excuse for. I’ll give you this, the fur could be fake. But if its not then refer to my fuckkng comment above. Whether its her wearing real fur or if Selenaa had wore it its disgusting and wrong! And miley performed in NY outside where it was fuckjng freezing dressed in this cheap whore onesie and this jacket to so stfu because even there her outfit was not fucking appropriate. If she is so fucking cold on stage that she needs to wear a fur coat then put some more.clothes on its basic logic! I can’t with you! You talk sooooooo much shit but when it miley you’re just riding her jock and making excuses for her no matter how stupid of shit she does omg

        • :)

          This was in Miami (Jingle Ball) you stupid bitch. So why don’t you STFU. You, are the retarded one dumbass.

          • cerenagee

            I didn’t say this exact performance was in NY I said she has performed wearing this same exact outfit so your “point” is invalid. Goodbye dumb bitch.

    • laura

      I have a fur coat, but I know the animals who died for it didn’t have a cruel life since it’s Belgian and our rules are very very strict. But I don’t think it’s the right message she’s sending because I bet the animals who died didn’t exactly have a good life.
      What I always say to people who make such comments is this: “I’d rather wear clothes made of animals than made by children.”
      And whether you like it or not, that shit still happens. H&M does it, Tommy Hilfiger does it, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Target, Forver21 etc. All my clothes are by Belgian brands and made in Belgium so at least I don’t have to worry about 6 year olds working in the most disgusting circumstances ever.

      • cerenagee

        I’m sorry, I respect your opinions but I do not respect somebody that wears fur. I just can’t. I’m an animal rights activist and don’t condone that whatsoever. That is their fur not ours. To end an animals life for the purpose of taking their fur and then trying to compare it to a child worker is sick. There is no comparison. You can’t compare one hell to another. Both are wrong. Like I said I respect your opinions but this is something that I will not agree on. I firmly believe that wearing fur is wrong.

        • laura

          I don’t really know what it’s like in America, but here in Belgium they use them for their meat as well. To be honest, I’m not pro either when it’s just for the fur. I suppose you don’t eat meat either but I do think that if you do eat meat, you shouldn’t be against fur since those animals live in the same circumstances.
          I think you can compare it: a lot of people are against fur because those animals live in awful circumstances and get skilled alive but at the same time they wear clothes made by children. Which to me just seems hypocritical.

          • ray

            killing an animal when your hunting the animal does not suffer. PPL do not trap anymore there are conversation officer everwhere its very easy getting caught and the penalty are big. most ppl eat the animal to. Its an easy way to feed a family. and make them coats. and prove some money. hunting in the winter. farming in the summer.

      • Kami

        I like that Belgium takes care that animals dont suffer. I wish people would see though, that animals are not her efor the purposes of humans. They are here for their own purposes, they are not meant to be anybody’s slave. Just like those children you mention. Human or animal, it is the same. Same sentient beings, with families, social life, babies they adore and care for, some even have cultures. Did you know that? Just because humans think they are inferior, which is so far from the truth (and there are some species superior to humans actually, and most animals are superior to humans in some way) doesnt give them the right to take away what is every sentient being’s birth right – freedom.

  • smb

    I wasn’t aware that she or anyone else has shown that she is wearing a coat made of real fur?

  • RedneckAtHeart

    World sex ICON is a stretch.Her behavior is repulsive.

  • Sterre

    she used to be so involved with PETA and rescuing animals from deplorable living conditions.. I really really really hope that it’s just fake fur.

  • Nic Ros

    I doubt that’s a real fur coat tbh

    • BrokenArrow18

      yeah same I’ve seen real fur coat before and it doesnt look like that idk

  • BrokenArrow18

    If it’s real fur smh.

  • Cici

    I mean nothing about her makes any sense…soooo..

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    well at least she’s wearing clothes

  • Some Dude

    I only hope it’s real so I can see PETA’s reaction. They used to worship her.

  • :)

    So are these twitter users animal activists or just random people bitching about nothing? My guess would be the latter. Just shows how ignorant y’all are to believe a bunch of nobody’s.

  • Godney

    Why wear a “fake” fur coat to perform?, there is NO NEED.
    She just wants the attention, its really lame.

  • XaskTaylorX

    But it looks like she wants more attention and people will give that to her considering she has a few animals herself. What a scumbag. -___-

  • Annoyed

    You are all a bunch of hypocrites. You moan if she wears no clothes and if she wears clothes you then moan again! She hasn’t stated if it’s real fur or not! If it’s a cashmere fur coat so fricken what? The rabbits get eaten so people make good use of the fur it’s called recycling. You don’t moan when you eat meat so why moan when things are made out of skins? I bet most of you own something leather …. Which FYI is cow skin. Real or not. You all do my head in

    • :)

      I so agree with you on some parts. These bitches on here are so quick to jump the gun that they believe these twitter users who only want their 15mins. of fame. They wouldn’t know the truth if it hit em smack dab in the face.

      This is not the first time she wore this coat. Don’t ya think PETA would have called her out by now? You bunch of dumbasses!!!

    • cerenagee

      You’re so uneducated. No they do not eat the rabbits they skin! Most of the animals they skin for fur are just left to the fucking side! There is nothing okay about annnyyy person wearing fur or leather! Its wrong, cruel, disgusting and selfish!

      • Annoyed

        Uneducated? OMG please ! Haha! I’m more than educated! Thank you very much clearly you are the uneducated one I study textiles at university dumb ass we’ve had to learn all about the process of textiles including skinning of animals and what happens and all about animal activists rights and shit thank you very much. Go back to school and get a real education dumb ass instead of sitting on ocean up all day thanks.

        • freeworld

          honestly, i wasn’t going to join this conversation because all i see are people bitching about it and retorting back from a fucking computer. @annoyed I would like to slap you in the fucking face. Your truly a idiot because you feel the need to throw your education everywhere no one gives a fuck. Fur is 100% wrong. If it is fake, okay, don’t wear it at all because clearly…. it looks the same and sending the wrong message out. You can be “uneducated” and still be a smart individual. Education literally means nothing in a opinionated conversation such as this one. Perhaps you will agree with me perhaps you won’t honestly I won’t be reading it because I don’t care to check back. Animal cruelty is wrong. It sickens me, it’s revolting. To steal a skin, a life, regardless of meat or “clothing” because miley’s little ass is cold in her crotchless pants. cereangee was saying you were uneducated on the skinning of animals and perhaps you are despite of what your “university” teaches you, they don’t publicize animal creulty. It is for acitvists animals have a fighting chance … definetly not from people sitting behind a computer screen talking smack. Im off to do some good. Hopefully, you get a little jist of what im saying. good day.

      • ray

        Eatting rabbit is very common. there is a good chance the eatting them is true. my nana never bought anything farmer in italy her favorite meal still at 80 years old is rabbit so all of us we raise as it being a staple. Not saying vegatarain is not a good way but you can only grow 6 months of the year here

        • cerenagee

          there are certain places in the world where i can respect. they use the WHOLE animal. in america that isnt at all how it is unfortunately :(

  • Annoyed

    People wonder why young celebrities end up on drugs and going potty when there are people in the world like you lot! Fml calm down it’s just a furry coat.

  • CommonSense

    Oh god. There is so much stupitity going on here. I actually used to support evrrything miley did. But she’s been acting really dumb lately. All she does is for attention. She changed from morning to night to this different druggie controversal artist. Do we not have enough of those already? What is the world coming to that we r supporting drugs nudity and foul language? Give me a break. I would respect her as an artist when she stops acting so trashy and stops begging for attention. And idgaf if ur a miley lover and ur gna say the coat is fake. If it is or if it isnt i could care less. The truth is that all she has been doing lately has been for attention… or can u deny it? The smoking on stageat the emas was so dumb. And she proved it was only for attention when she tweeted “go online and see what really went down at the emas” cause she wanted all of us to see what a fucking badass she is. She has a lot of growing up to do.

    • cerenagee

      thank you.

  • boystan

    she looks fab in fur coats fuck peta

  • Mark

    ”World sex icon” HAHAHA. Fur-wearing wh*re.

  • gu

    Stupid bitch.