Miley ‘Merry Christmas #HOEHOEHOE’

miley-cyrus-hoe-chistmas (1)miley-headacheMiley is also having a headache from taking drugs. VIDEO under!

  • ALEX


  • annoyed miley fan

    in all honesty I love Miley & I’m legit one of her die hard fans, but lately she’s been pissing me off like girl please stick your tongue back in your mouth where it belongs! it’s getting old. and her masterbating in her new video.. like really?? is that necessary?? ugh please just try to have some CLASS

  • LALA

    I like the music and the confidence. It’s just getting stale. The VMA performance was the best PR stunt I’ve seen in a loooong time, but it’s all very boring now. She will literally have to release a sex tape to have me shocked about her.

  • Cici

    I thought she didn’t like Christmas?

    • :)

      Did you ever hear of sarcasm?

  • cerenagee

    I’m so sick of her. She thinks the world is taken away by her but we’re all laughing at her and her real fans are just getting fed up and annoyed. She’s a dumb bitch

    • :)

      And you’re a dumb bitch!!! You’re so sick of her but yet you’re still here.

  • boystan

    “Miley is also having a headache from taking drugs” lmao

  • ijustneedyounow

    but the headache’s not bad enough to not post it on twitter *rolls eyes*

    • :)

      So you can’t tweet if you have a headache? Very petty.