Niall Horan Face To Be On Real Money

niall-horan-moneyniall-horan-sexy-football-player (5)Niall Horan is to be honoured by his hometown of Mullingar, Ireland when the new Gar for 2014 is released with his face on it. The Gar is Mullingar’s unique tourism currency, launched in 2011 and based on the design of the old £10 note;

It featured James Joyce, a famous Mullingar resident, who also featured on the original punt note. Olympic silver medallist John Joe Nevin replaced the author in the summer of 2012 to celebrate his homecoming and his excellent run in the London Olympics.

Mullingar Chamber hopes his fans will come to the town and spend both time and the Niall Horan Gar when they visit. Niall was also training yesterday outside on the cold.


  • boystan

    irish prince

  • Duckyhoward15

    Isn’t real money, it is for tourists and stuff