Selena Gomez Car Accident ASHAMED

Semi-Exclusive... Embarrased Selena Gomez Wrecks Her CarSemi-Exclusive... Embarrased Selena Gomez Wrecks Her CarSelena Gomez hides her face after scraping the side of her car on a pole while leaving a salon in West Hollywood , California on December 22, 2013. Selena who canceled her tour because she needs more ‘Me Time’ should use that time to learn how to drive. Photos: FameFlynet.


  • cerenagee

    Whatever shit happens. My car is so dinged up. On a side note. Sels body looks hot.

    • relativebliss

      Agreed, her tumm looks toned & I like her outfit. But LOL if Miley got into a car accident you’d be slamming her and you know it. smh, loving the “whatever shit happens”..

      • cerenagee

        No I wouldn’t. I slam miley when she deserves it and always credit her when she deserves it. Unfortunately miley does more stupid shit than good. And scraping against a pole is not a car accident ha.

  • cerenagee

    Its not like she hit a person or another car

  • javi g

    man she’s alway hitting poles. she needs to forget that the paparazzi are there. i know they piss off every one but you have to be responsible and damn that was a new beamer. i hope she’s got a good ensurance company.

  • Alii

    Not as shameful as Kylie Jenner.

    • May

      Why exactly??

      • Alii

        She got in a fender bender in her new Mercedes a little while after she got her license.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      omg pix?

      • Alii

        “She’s only had her license for 18 days [remember that sick Sweet 16 she JUST had?] but Kylie Jenner has already gotten into her first [and hopefully last] car accident – a three car chain-reaction collision in her $125,000 Mercedes SUV.

    • Sandy McFarlane


  • lolumadhuh

    she has the money to get it fixed so.. *shrug*

    • hawk-girl

      that doesn’t justify it wtf my parents are well off but not because they have the money to fix it means getting into accidents would be a nbd

      • lolumadhuh

        woah chill. Im just saying. She’s an adult with her own money. She can get it fixed herself. Im sure she didn’t hit that pole on purpose.

        • hawk-girl

          wow so great much thanks will chill. thanks great recommendation.
          much gratefulness.

      • Anna

        Wow someone needs to take a chill pill. It was an accident and she didn’t do it on purpose. And no one said it wasn’t a big deal just that she could get it fixed.

  • Mélanie

    “Selena who canceled her tour because she needs more ‘Me Time’ should use that time to learn how to drive” seriously @oceanup , idk how old are you , you must be around 20 – 25 but in your head you’re like 12 , everybody can have an accident , your irony is freaking dumb and not funny.

    • dyu

      Oceanup didn’t write that, it was the photo agency. Zimbio has the same caption.

    • K

      totally agree! OU is driving me insane with how immature they can be. And even if they didn’t write the caption, they can control what they post, however they are constantly being immature. Also, they don’t credit Zimbio as being where they got the quote.. making it plagiarism.

    • Ffghjbh

      20 25? No must be 15 or 16 years old who runs this website

  • Ricardo

    I can’t stop laughin lmfao, Now I undertand why she doesn’t like big cars xDDDD oh Gracie what you have done!

    • threelittlebirds

      and this is gracie’s fault because…

      • Ricardo

        They bought the car for Gracie.. I mean because she was born.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Shit happens, but I’m sure that if the paps weren’t all up her ass she wouldn’t of hit it.

  • Ridetheocean

    mmm why is she wearing a ring on her ring finger? theories?

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I am a self-proclaimed TERRIBLE driver, so I really cant hate. Altho I haven’t got into an accident… YET. Thank god *knocks on wood*

  • threelittlebirds

    ugh her body is to die for

  • Cici

    oh well. Shit happens. sure the paps dont help it any though

  • B

    Wow, Oceanup – really? Aside from majority of your posts and post titles not being gramatically correct, you’re now going to pick on the very same people who have made your site a success?

    Have a little more class will you? That final line was just downright bitchy and rude.

  • M355

    Oh poor Selena, she scraped her car what a burden.

  • MyNameIsLaura

    I wonder if you can even drive because your comments always look like a jealous 12 year old wrote it

  • :)

    Oopsie. Looks like she’s gonna need a new door. Insurance rates are going up.

  • Nina

    Well that caption is rude.

  • BangBang

    I thought OU loved Selena.

  • Dara

    I don’t like Selena all that much, but I have to defend her because this is NOTHING to be ashamed of. I am the fucking worst driver alive. A few months after I got my first car I was in a parking garage and as I was backing out. I didn’t notice a car behind me and I backed into it. As if it couldn’t get any worse, I drove forward and hit the car that I was parked next to O_o. *cringe* Not one of my proudest moments…. I live on campus though and never need to go anywhere, so I left that damn car at home. (Yes my parents made me keep the car, and I can’t afford a new one)

  • Jasmin

    This is actually really pathetic. Getting in a car accident or scraping the side of your car is nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to thousands of people everyday. It’s not like she injured or killed anyone so, not a big deal.

  • Maria

    Ok I don’t love selena and I don’t hate selena but I’m an awful driver. And just because she scrapes her car once does not mean she needs to learn hot to drive. Also when there are a lot of flashing cameras it’s stressful and hard to see. And also she always hides her face from the paparazzi because there annoying , loud, rude and it’s really bright with all the camera

  • laura

    I suppose it was because she was trying to avoid all the paparazzi so I guess it’s only normal she drove against the pole.
    I mean, if it were me, I’d drive against them because I’m quite an aggressive driver :s

  • hawk-girl

    looks like someone needs to teach her how to drive and sing.

  • boystan


  • mackintosh

    i know they piss off every one but you have to be responsible and damn
    that was a new beamer. i hope she’s got a good ensurance company.

  • Becky Cook

    its ok I did the say thing.