Swift ‘Intense Writing Personal Details’

taylor-swift-instyle-photo-shoot (10)Taylor Swift revealed to Billboard: ‘It’s gotten to the point where each album is a reinvention. I’m really loving collaboration right now. I see it as a bit of an apprenticeship. I want to be around people who love writing songs and have done it for years.

Every time I’m in a studio I’m learning, like how to build a drum track, and getting a new perspective on things. It’s so thrilling to keep learning on your fifth album. As soon as (an album) comes out I’m figuring out what the next one will be. It’s gotten to the point where each one is a reinvention, which is what I like best. I like it when it sounds new and people don’t know where you’re going to go next.

I think it’s a bit of a relief to take the focus off of my own life. It can get pretty intense writing (personal) details, that’s a very vulnerable place to put yourself in. But there’s a specific type of thrill you get from that recounting of your life.

There’s a different kind of thrill you get hoping you have accurately portrayed someone else’s emotions that you’re seeing so well done by these actors, James Corden and Mackenzie Crook. The actors did such a great job it was fairly easy to get inside their heads.’

  • Anon

    Can this album please come sooner? So excited for it.

  • LikeICare

    I’m tired of all this teasing. I’m excited to hear her material!

  • BrokenArrow18

    I’m so excited for her album cant wait!

  • boystan

    ugh i’m so excited for the new album