Joe & Denise Jonas Gingerbread House

joe-denise-gingerbreadjoe-candy-cane-slidepapakjonas Gingerbread house with @mama djonas @joejonas. SWEET! Bet that cost a lot of bread. @joejonas had trouble walking on the ice but at least he had a cane. + fan meetings via @lovanas. The first pic is with Frankie!

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  • victoria

    Denise is getting FAT!

    • RedneckAtHeart

      That was rude!

      • GentileJewel

        She is plump! She was never fit! Health is not a big thing to these people!

        • RedneckAtHeart

          For a woman her age that has had 4 kids she looks great….

          If you both are female and when you’re both old enough and have kids you will understand.

          And health isn’t big with them? Nick, Joe, and Kevin all work out and I know that Nick HAS to be healthy… So your “Health is not a big thing to these people” is invalid.

          • GentileJewel

            One: Stupid and insincere as always! The age has nothing to do with how a person is! Two: Kevin exercise? He is notorious for being lazy! A big (Their group) problem! As for the youngest Bitch in the Jonas Brothers group! Ever heard of Diabetes???? Fathead?

          • RedneckAtHeart

            I have dumb fuck! Many of the women in my family suffer from it, hence why I said he HAS to be healthy.

            How am I being stupid and insincere? Cause I was stating a fact? Women, depending on the genes, are not really able to lose the weight after giving birth. They also tend to have trouble losing it as they get older.

            Fathead? Are you 12? Grow the fuck up. You don’t like what I have to say then keep scrolling past my comment.

    • cgfbh

      well she get fat because she is not young anymore

      • RedneckAtHeart

        I can’t wait to see what you guys look like in you 40’s after 4 kids… Pretty sure none of you will look as good as her.

    • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

      so what? it’s her body, as long as she’s happy with it then it’s not your problem

  • cerenagee

    ^^Rude AF but anyways. Denise looks great for an older woman who has had 4 kids.

    This looks super cool. I love holiday shit like this :)

    • RedneckAtHeart

      I know the ice thing is at GayLords. We have one here in Orlando in December. Never been though. Might try for next year.

      • cerenagee

        Looks so awesome. We have the hotel del here in Coronado which is really pretty. They decorate the huge hotel with 100,000 white lights and it’s right on the water. I went last weekend and went ice skating with my boyfriend. During the holidays they put a nice ice skating rink in the back of the hotel and we ice skated while watching the sunset against the water. It was amazing. Cali Xmas lol, but this looks cool.

        • RedneckAtHeart

          Oh that sounds beautiful!

        • GentileJewel

          What the Hell? Is Cali Christmas?

    • GentileJewel

      Cocky little Brat!

  • JJ456

    I hope that at least the break up showed papa Jonas who is the better son. It warms my heart to see Joe having fun and looking happy & healthy.

    • GentileJewel

      You do realize that he was there when the Hell broke lose on Oct.8 and he doesn’t care!

  • gvngjn

    wow joe jonas is sooooo gorgeous and healthy like always


    Joe healthy? No. You saw the pictures of him with fans today? the boy is too skinny and emaciated, something isn’t right with him. Look at his legs and his trunk, Joe has almost no meat, he’s in the bones.

    • ty

      sorry but he is not skinny joe jonas hes healthy like always and his legs is with muscles and his trunk too amazing body you must be a hater sweetie dont made up a shit please you probely dont see pictures of him and he is in the bones ? hahaha you make me laugh so hard he is never like that if you want to made up a crap try nicely but not embarresing comments

    • fghjk

      haha what the fuck? joe jonas he always go to the gym to be fit you stupid moron