Miley ‘There Is Racism In The Dog World’

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  • cerenagee

    I actually have respect for her for saying this because it is so true. Pits are beautiful animals. It all depends on how they’re raised, just like with any animal. Happy she said this. I wish she’d say something about Blackfish. With her being at the center of attention right now that would be so great.

  • xoxo

    Hasn’t there been recent pictures of her wearing animal fur? she should be the last person advocating about animal rights

  • Alii

    If it WAS real fur… Then it’s just typical contradictive Miley.

  • Alii

    Someone said she was throwing shade at Demi when she tweeted about the drafts. “that’s who you really are.”

  • Jenna

    …..does she even know what “racism” means?

  • boystan

    she’s racist she hates mexicans
    first selena now demi WHEN WILL SHE STOP?

  • :)

    Thank you Miley. Cruelty to pets is a felony in 45 states. Ohio is the latest to draft a bill to join them. Unfortunately people who do own pits use them for the wrong reason. It just sickens me how people can be so cruel to pets.

  • Yasmine

    Mary jane isn’t a pit!