Victoria Justice & Max Say Something

Victoria Justice covers Christina Aguilera’s song ‘Say Something’.

  • Guest

    This girl really needs to stop trying to make music.I thought she would have gotten the hint when her 2 horrible summer songs massively flopped.

  • Teddy

    She’s not that great, but he has a pretty voice.

    • RedneckAtHeart

      You should YouTube some of his other covers <3 He really does have a great voice

  • Guest

    Team Ariana !!!

  • Cici

    beautifully done.



  • KKatK

    I’m sorry, but who is this and why has she made my ears bleed?

  • Anonny

    The vocals sound way too over produced.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Love him, not a fan of her…

  • stasha

    She’s just not that good. I wish she’d just stop. It’s great that you love music but that doesn’t mean you should try to make music as a career.

  • teamVictoria

    she’s amazing!!

  • Ban

    I dont get why yall hate on her so much. Shes not as bad yall call her. I can 100% say there are a lot other people that suck waaaaaaaaaaaay more at singing than she does.

    • May

      We all have different tastes. Ours is just different than yours, and probably others too, and that’s just ok.

  • karina

    Since i’ve heard alex & sierras version of say something, every other cover of that song kind of sucks for me! Alex and sierra just did so good on say something, that no one can beat them!