Cody Simpson Come Home For Christmas

  • Tash

    Wish he was a bigger star than he is. I’d trade bieber or 1D for him any day. He can sing, dance and play and it’s genuine and legit. It’s not overly commercialised or wanna be cool but really annoying. He’s got a good style and attitude too. I think its a great package. Society has really got it wrong. Such a shame. Wish him the best in any case.

    • JUG

      Cody may have some talent but he wasted it trying to be Bieber 2.0 from touring with Bieber to having the same manager. Now Austin Mahone is making the same mistake by trying to be Bieber 3.0. Wish some of the young guys would try being themselves rather than a Bieber clone. It’s probably too late for Cody but Austin may still have time.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Sounds nice and he looks better as he gets older.

  • boystan


  • boystan

    he is kinda cute