justin-bieber-pride-of-canada (2)Justin Bieber back in his home of Canada in Toronto looking hot.


  • hmmm

    His album is already down to #2 after only a day of sales and it is a iTunes only album. Guess the beliebers all are on vacation

    • stuart54

      Why do you care at all? LOL.
      Actually since it has no promotion unlike ”Believe” did, it’s surprising it even hit #1 in so many countries Beyonce’s sales are huge now so I’m not surprised it went down, but hey it still did hit #1.
      If you listen to it it’s great, specially the new sons, I though he will forever stay with the teeny crappy pop songs but he’s maturing now and those are way better, felling some JT&Usher influence there and he should keep it up. If he promoted it more it would sell more, but it’s all unknown now. Beyonce’s album isn’t that good at all it’s simply a promotion genius plan to drop it out of nowhere and it’s ”visual” all videos are there, more exciting to buy it.

      • anon

        We are talking about Justin Bieber, the youtube star, whose main platform for promotion was always social media

      • Dev2008

        We have head nothing but Justin’s album for the last year. He and the album have been in the press everyday. How much more can we take?

  • Alii

    He tweeted he’s retiring.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I’m glad he’s home. Now hopefully he stays there until he gets his life together.

  • celine

    “If Miley doesn’t answer her phone, Justin calls the whole Cyrus family to see if she is ok, sometimes he exaggerates” – Scooter Braun

    • Dev2008

      I’m as sick of hearing of Scooter Braun as I am about the exploits of Justin Bieber. No other manager has made him so much of the story. It’s like a ventriloquist act.

  • boystan