• NorthWest

    she cant sing nomore

  • Mila

    Holy crap, that sounded TERRIBLE. What happened to her?

  • Jas

    She sounds sick like you can hear it her voice is usually more high pitch and squeaky it sounds deeper here but idk that wasn’t good this was the same week she performed on X factor maybe it wasn’t an good week for her cause both of those weren’t good &’ we know Demi can sing lol idk

  • Troll

    well atleast she doesn’t lip synch! *cough* slutena *cough*

  • laura

    wtf guys? she doen’t even sound bad? yeah she doesn’t sound like the recorded version but it barely ever was pitchy. she was just singing lower and idk too loud for the music.

    • asdfghjkl

      thank you

  • I still don’t understand why Disney had her record a version of the song, when Idina Menzel’s is so powerful and full of meaning. Demi’s version is okay, but it lacks the strength and meaning Idina puts into the song.

  • boystan

    i wanna go to disneyland