Miley Cyrus ‘I’m So Happy!’

miley-happy-4Do YOU think Miley is really happy or just covering up her pain?

  • Bae

    Thats why shes saying all the time how lonely shes and never has been like that bored & alone.
    Lol, ok.

  • dyu

    I don’t think she is happy. She is always lonely and complaining she can’t sleep. Maybe it is anxiety for her tour tho, but I thought weed solves anxiety problems

    • :)

      I’m alone and I’m happy.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    on a sidenote, that picture is so fucking ugly, like wh would you ever tweet that omfg

    • cerenagee

      she probably is happy that her lips look luscious ha but so do mine when i do duck lips…..

  • NorthWest

    She cant sing anymore :( ever since her tonsil were out

    • :)

      WTF are you talking about?

  • Mila

    She’ll be okay.

    She needs some penetration (but not from Liam’s stale peen), and she’ll be good to go.

    • Anonymous

      are you new? just wondering :)

  • Cici

    If you have to keep saying it, then you probably aren’t really that happy. Something is definitely up with her.. sadly. Especially since with the last two holidays her family has all been together without her. I hope she gets it together soon.

    • :)

      But she was with her family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • cerenagee

    i think shes happy to an extent. breakups are hard and i dont doubt that a broken engagement is even harder. i feel like shes happy about the attention shes getting and happy that shes relevant but thats it. shes not doing as good of a job as she thinks she is convincing all of us that shes so happy and over it all.

  • Zaina777

    Happy…sure :)

  • RegReach

    She is dating kellan lutz that why she is happy

    • boystan

      he’s a hunk i’d be more than happy

  • boystan


  • adsf

    why shouldn’t she be happy? she’s been so successful these past months, and she’s about to go on tour. liam was part of her life for 4 years, yeah, but that’s over and she’ll find someone even better that respects her for her.