Taylor Swift Baby Christmas Video 1993

Christmas 1993, on a very important phone call with Britany. @britmaack. taylorswift Matching Christmas onesies is a thing that’s happening right now. Taylor revealed about her favorite Christmas music: Colbie Caillat has a great Christmas album I’m obsessed with.

I love the She & Him Christmas stuff. Bing Crosby, of course. All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. Beach Boys have great Christmas music. Train has this song called Shake Up Christmas. I have so many favorite Christmas songs right now.

There’s one called It’s Christmas Time by Jules Larson, that I find to be just delightful. Oh, and Fountains of Wayne has a song called Valley Winter Song. I’m obsessed with it and I’ve turned it in my mind into a Christmas song.’

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    She was so adorable omg I love this

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    omg she’s so cute

  • boystan

    queen of everything