Selena To Fan ‘Don’t Attempt That Sh*t’

selena-gomez-fan-attack (1)selena-gomez-fansSelena Gomez attacked the actions of one of her fans on Instagram.

Updated with pictures of Selena wearing no makeup in Plymouth, Michigan.

  • Zaina777

    I really like the new Selena she can swear and rebel a little bit however she really cares about her fans and always helps them out if it’s every really needed like this moment right here. She is actually a really good role model to her fans.

  • cerenagee

    Attacked a fan? This isn’t an attack! Its defending another fan and encouraging good. Like damn that just made me love Selena even more than I already do.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Love that she has no problem defending her fans <3

    • Username

      It’s so nice of her , many celebs don’t do it, BUT it’s so sad and horrible she has no idea how many of her fans are rude and disgusting, you literally cannot state an opinion without getting them sending you death threats and making hate accounts of you and literally getting so mad over it like you said something bad. Like I’ve seen it so many times on instagram specially, I hope her fans see this and realize she doesn’t like it! It’s just immature, I don’t care if her fans are young still should learn some manners :)

      • Ricardo

        I’m sorry but I’ve seen quite more hate account from Smilers and Belibers than Selenators.

      • RedneckAtHeart

        Tis very true. Some of her fans are just down right mean, but then again every fan base has fans like that.

  • cerenagee

    Like at least tell the full story OU and quit being such a troll. Selena went off on that fan because she was telling the girl that Selena was defending to cut herself and she’s an ugly fat whore and stupid and cut cut cut and Selena saw it because the girl cut herself (a very small cut but still a cut) and posted the pic and the bitch fan started telling her to cut more and that’s when Selena stepped in. She wasnt just attacking some fan. In happy that Selena looks out for her fans like that

  • lolumadhuh

    i just love how she maintains her image.

  • Guest

    Good job Selena and some of these fans are fucking crazy.

  • Troll

    OMG! SELENA SWEARS! LIKE WHO CARES AND GIVES A CRAP! But if Miley Cyrus swears its like breaking news!

    • cerenagee

      Not really.

  • Silver

    Aaaaw…. Selena…. Love you so so much babe.

  • Mellz89

    Love you selly :) she cares about her fans.. thats sooo cute ♥♥♥

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  • anonymous

    she should also encourage intelligence

  • laura

    I think it’s great she did that.
    So many people these days don’t do anything but sending hate on social media because it’s so much easier than bullying in real life. I honestly do not get how people can be so cruel and tell someone to cut herself or kill herself. The worst thing is that people barely ever get punished for it. I mean, if someone commits because you told them to, then you’re a fucking murderer.

  • Cici

    Love her so much <3

  • dyu

    Do y’all think this is true? D:

  • BrokenArrow18

    The reincarnation of mother teresa whoo!