Justin Bieber Buys New Dog With Father

justin-bieber-buys-new-dog (5)Justin Bieber bought a new puppy on December 26 with his father in Stratford, Toronto at Ruffin’s pet centre in Stratford. Very unfortunate, there are so many dogs without home that need to be adopted..

  • f

    its stratford ontario not stratford toronto. thats like saying oakland, los angeles.

  • Guest

    He abandoned the hamster and the monkey how like before he abandons the dog ?

    • Ash

      Hasn’t he got a cat too?

  • Guest

    He abandoned the hamster and the monkey how long before he abandons the dog ?

    • ivan

      He could not take care of the Hamster because of his traveling schedule and it sometimes got lost in the bus so he gave it to a responsible girl to took good care of it; their lifespan is short. As for the monkey, it was a gift from a friend not a purchase. The germans took it because he did not have the papers for it. Some were saying it belonged in a zoo so why is he criticized for letting the Germans put it in the zoo after taking it from him? You dumbasses stop at nothing to make him look bad led by this biased site.

      • Nbl

        Do you know anything about bulldogs? American bulldogs need constant attention and discipline. They are headstrong and can be aggressive if not trained correctly. It’s not like a golden retriever where they can be trained in a matter of months. They take years. My college roommate has three. The only reason she does is because she can work from home and spends a good amount of time training and exercising them. Can you honestly tell me that this kid has the time and patience to deal with that? I give it a year. His album is not selling great and his movie flopped, he needs to tour to make up losses and a bulldog can not live in a tour bus. It will destroy everything.

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          He’s taking a year off so this was redundant and I’m sure he has family to take care of the dog. Matter of fact you don’t know who the dog is for, he could have bought it for a friend or family member. Like his old dog and cat were back in Canada with family when he was busy. Stop assuming.

    • ivan

      And by the way, he has been taking good care of his cat. Why are people here so fucken envious of this kid?

  • boystan

    call peta

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Aww that’s cute.

  • ivan

    So you mother f–k–s are even criticizing him, an animal lover, for buying a dog? That dog will be treated better than you treat your fellow human beings.

    • Anon

      Hmmm can you confirm that the dog will be treated better than I treat my fellow human beings?

      • ivan

        Can you confirm the dog will not be taken cared for?

        • Anon

          No, but that was never the issue in my comment.

  • Amanda

    Just a friendly reminder to PLEASE ADOPT FROM ANIMAL SHELTERS PEOPLE :)
    Most pet stores in america get their dogs from puppy mills which is cruel and inhumane. Animal shelters have beautiful, healthy and lots of full breeds if thats what you’re looking for. Ive adopted all mine from animal shelters and have NEVER looked back!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays y’all

    • das

      why would anyone vote down to this? You’re so right, and also, the dogs at pet stores are sometimes thousands of dollars &the ones at animal shelters are $10-40 and you know the money is going to a wonderful cause!!!!

    • Tan

      Dogs from stores need to be adopted too. Don’t blame the dog for how it was born. These dogs need a home as well. And the store justin bought his from weren’t from puppy mills- just breeders, which nothing is really wrong with that. Do research. It’s not always best to adopt from a shelter. A lot of dogs there have been abused and have problems and need more work. Also, you don’t know the past history so you don’t know what disease they could potentially die from. Buy the dog you fall in love with. Doesn’t matter if it’s shelter or a good store. I’ve bought 2 dogs from a store and have never looked back.

  • Godney

    Dude just abandoned a money on another country and he gets a dog? poor dog.
    Someone save thay poor thing.