Miley Cyrus Keke Palmer Skin Deep Duet


Studio acapella of Keke Palmer & Miley Cyrus’ unreleased 2007 collaboration.


  • Alii

    Aww, old Miley. <3

  • Cici

    This sounds like it was supposed to be on HM or something. ew.

  • Knikki

    I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing … Miley’s voice. Ouch.

    • Cici

      Yeah..its definitely not made for pop music.

  • Clauber


  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    i’ll never get over the fact that girl’s name is “keke”

    • Cici

      Well, her real name is Lauren Keyana.

      • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

        really? well that explains alot, but i don’t get how someone would like to be called “keke”

        • ashleyofcourse

          KeKe is actually a common nick name like coco cici DD jj and other abbreviated names. I’m sure you’ve met at least one person who goes by KeKe or Kay or kk

          • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

            not really, never met a person called “keke” or something like that.. it actually sounds silly & reminds me of a kind of joke, at least in my country

          • ashleyofcourse

            ooohhh maybe thats why! in america its normal hahaa

    • lordestan

      but keke isnt her real name it is her nick name, her real name is lauren

  • :)

    What da? I can’t believe how much her voice has changed, for the better.

  • hkhhjk

    wtf did i just listen too? This coming from a keke and Miley fan..

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    I ‘lol’ed so hard.

  • johnny

    What was this for? Keke never guest starred on Hannah Montana. She was supposed to be the next big Disney star, but her pilot got dropped for two of Selena Gomez’s pilots.

  • boystan

    she’s funny