Selena Gomez LUPUS Disease Battle?

selena-gomez-single-rose-seduction (1)Selena Gomez is now dealing with health issues related to Lupus, reports Popdust. Selena was diagnosed with Lupus a couple of years ago and that she has suffered multiple ‘flares’ recently, causing facial swelling, extreme fatigue, headaches and joint pain.

Selena has been going full throttle the past few years and her Lupus is really catching up with her right now. She knows that she needs to take some time to address the disease and look after herself better if she wants to live a full and healthy life.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, meaning the immune system attacks the body’s cells and tissues, causing inflammation and tissue damage. It shows as a red rash on the face and causes joint pain, damage to organs and nervous system, fatigue, fever, headaches and temporary loss of cognitive skills.

It’s more prevalent in African American, Hispanic, Native American and Asian women, age 15-35, and affects sufferers intermittently, with periods of illness alternating with remissions. Lupus sufferers often try to keep out of direct sunlight as sunshine can exacerbate the disease.

It is incurable but treatable with 80-90 percent of sufferers expecting to live a normal lifespan. Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, Seal and Nick Cannon are amongst other celebrity sufferers. #PRAYFORSELENA

  • Cici

    Aw, I’ve got a friend who deals with this disease. It sucks, but it is manageable if you take care of yourself, like the article says.

  • dyu

    That explains why she goes so much to doctors

  • Alberto

    It is manageable but it sucks, the symptoms sucks too. maybe this is one of the reasons she cancelled the tour.

  • laura

    I find it quite weird that she doesn’t confirm it then. It’s not exactly something to be ashamed for and you can make people more aware of it.

    • Ricardo

      Maybe she wants to keep this as a secret, I mean some people want to keep always something in their mind.

      • laura

        Knowing Selena, that’s not the case. I think it’s just not true tbh.

        • Ricardo

          Maybe she doesn’t want to scare us

          • ugh

            scare us? wtf? who cares about her besides your dumbass

          • Zaina777

            No matter how much you dislike her you should never wish this upon her. A lot of people care about her including me. Just because you don’t like her
            because she dated Justin Bieber or she isn’t that great of a singer
            doesn’t mean she deserves this. Nobody does. You don’t know her personally and you
            probably never will. You obviously have no compassion for her or any other human being. I wouldn’t even wish this on my worst enemy.

            You have some serious issues, kiddo.

          • des

            you seriously have fucking issues I’m not the biggest fan of Selena and even I wouldn’t wish this to her or anybody else people like you disgust me.

          • laura

            don’t be rude.

      • go away


    • anon

      People will see her as a sick person and pity her. If I was a public person I wouldn’t want that to myself

      • laura

        idk lady gaga has it too and no one pities her, if anything, they have respect for her.

        • anon

          We get to know about lady gaga issues after she already had made a name and a strong image for herself for the public. Selena doesn’t have that yet and she could just turn into the lupus girl and I don’t think it is what her and her team want.

          • Zaina777

            Why the fuck would Selena and her team want a pity party? Are you serious right now?

          • anon

            OMG, can’t you read?

          • Zaina777

            Oh sorry, I thought you were one of those crazy Selena obsessed haters.

          • anon

            That’s ok. I was just trying to explain why Selena could not want to make it public

          • laura

            I don’t really think she’ll ever get that strong image you’re talking about, no offense. I don’t think she would turn into the lupus girl either, I think people would gain respect for her and that she could be a good person to make people more aware of this disease.
            So I just don’t think it’s true.

  • Zaina777

    Aww, feel better Selena.I think she just needs to rest to cope with it again if she doesn indeed have it.

  • Lup

    If this is true Selena can be the strongest hollywood celebrity so far, this disease sucks, one day you can be feeling amazing and the next one you can barely move from the chair.

    If this is true she’s really a good actress since Lupu’s symptom are very very very strong, my mother suffers this disease and I can tell your that is one of the worst illness of the world.

    Stay Strong Babe.

  • anon

    I always suspected there was something wrong due all those hospital visits

  • cerenagee

    So sad :( So fuck all the people who were giving her shit for canceling her tour.

  • javi g

    guys pop dust is a gossip website. when she adreses her fans or theres something official we will find out. yes the huffington post have this report but they based on the same pop dust article. if she talks about it. then we will know.

  • Rosemary

    I hope this isn’t true

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I hope this isn’t true, but if it is, it would explain a lot and WHY she had to cancel the remaining leg of her tour and why she made often visits to the doctor. Poor Selenita… Regardless, I hope she’s in good health and okay!

  • getlikemiley

    wondering why she’s been mia for awhile. hope she gets better!

  • threelittlebirds

    she’s had this disease for two years, and it’s finally getting released?! why hasn’t it been brought up before?

  • taty

    wow is this is true I feel for selena, but I don’t like that she chose not to talk about it, lupus does not have the refunds to have the funds for its research and if stars brought more attention to it maybe people will try to find a cure, look at how much nick has brought to diabetes, now I see why her face looks huge is the prednisone makes your face get fat and swollen is the only way to control lupus, I have lupus and my kidneys stop working because the lupus has attacked my heart and kidney and now I need a kidney. I wish I had the power of been a star I will had move earth and water to try to see if Disney and Hollywood records can help open a foundation for research because there is so much people don’t know and so what if she becomes the face of lupus, it will stay forever lupus is not contagious why will she need to hide it, the treatments are just as the same as cancer, you get chemotherapy at your worse it destroy your organs, and sometimes the treatment is worse than the actual lupus because of the side effects. I will have had more respect for her if she own up to her and try to bring a cure with her star power lupus treatments are expensive and some people have to go on disability because they spend so much time in the hospital plus you feel constantly so tired and exhausted, the sun activates the lupus so you don’t suppose to sun tan.

    • Ricardo

      I’m with you, but remember this is just a rumor, It can be fake. Let’s wait.

    • anon

      Hope you feel better!

      • taty

        thanks that nice. thank you. I am hoping for a kidney. the dialysis makes me really sick, and my heart is getting weaker. If selena has lupus I feel for her because she in front of people constantly and there is time that the medication makes your face really bloated, I will never ever make fun of her I actually admire her more if she does have lupus, just because lupus also give you depression no wonder she was crying at times, is difficult specially with your appearance so I give all the blessing in the world. hopefully she can be honest with her fans about it, I will support her if she really does have it, just because lupus is hard not only mentally but physically.

  • -

    I have a friend who died becayse of this disease. She didn’t take care of herself and was overworking. She was only 19. So, I’m glad that Selena is taking action and resting.

  • javi g

    i think its a horrible rumor. that website pop dust is a damn gossip website. and the bad thing is the only major website the huffinton post believe it. i haven’t seen anything on people magazine and they are basically the first t know when a celeb is sick. and o there important news website. I’m thinking that some one wanted to add more wood to the fire. because she never said why she canceled her tour. she just arrived from detroit. maybe she will tell her fans if this is real or not.

    • anon

      But her reps didn’t shut the rumour down, they were contacted and said “no comments”, what makes me believe they are preparing a statement. People and E! Online will report it when they have a position from her reps.

  • BrokenArrow18

    I think it’s false. She wouldnt keep it as a secret imo.

    • Dom

      Maybe the disease it’s just getting started..

  • boystan

    #prayforstselena :(