Selena Gomez Worst Actress Nomination

selena-gomez-worst-actress-nomination (7)selena-miley-britneySelena Gomez has been nominated for Worst Actress in 2014 Razzie Awards. Do YOU think Selena will win? Worst Picture: 47 RONIN, A MADEA CHRISTMAS, AFTER EARTH , GETAWAY, GROWN UPS 2 , GRUDGE MATCH , INAPPROPRIATE COMEDY, MOVIE 43, PARANOIA, R.I.P.D., RUNNER RUNNER, SCARY MOVIE 5, THE BIG WEDDING, THE HOST, THE LONE RANGER

Worst Actress nominees: Tyler Perry – A MADEA CHRISTMA, Noomi Rapace – DEAD MAN DOWN and PASSION, Selena Gomez – GETAWAY , Lindsay Lohan – INAPPROPRIATE COMEDY AND THE CANYONS , Naomi Watts – MOVIE 43 and DIANA , Halle Berry – MOVIE 43 and THE CALL, Jennifer Lopez – PARKER

Gemma Arterton – RUNNER RUNNER and HANSEL and GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS, Jurnee Smollett-Bell – TEMPTATION, Michelle Pfeifer – THE FAMILY, Saorse Ronan – THE HOST, Jennifer Hudson – WINNIE MANDELLA

Selena will also be attending Miley and Britney performance in Las Vegas. Selena was also on Instagram while on her recent flight. Ok so my phone IS about to die and clearly I’m using way too many emoticons.. I am obsessed. Y’all are amazing and fun and cute and love able

selenagomez Ahhhh. This lovely lady I just met on our 4 hour delay, lol donated to UNICEF!!! Me and my new friend on tha plane jus respondin to messages. she’s so rad. She offered my an orange. #werk

Worst Supporting Actor: Larry the Cable Guy – A MADEA CHRISTMAS, Will Smith – AFTER EARTH, Chris Brown – BATTLE OF THE YEAR, Taylor Lautner – GROWN UPS 2, David Spade – GROWN UPS 2 , Nick Swardson – GROWN UPS 2 and A HAUNTED HOUSE, James Franco – HOMEFRONT

Rob Schneider – INAPPROPRIATE COMEDY, Mel Gibson – MACHETE KILLS, Charlie Sheen – MACHETE KILLS and SCARY MOVIE 5, Harrison Ford – PARANOIA and ENDER’S GAME, Ben Affleck – RUNNER RUNNER, William Fichtner – THE LONE RANGER, Tom Wilkinson – THE LONE RANGER, Armie Hammer – THE LONE RANGER


  • HarryCurls

    So this is the ‘big award’ ceremony that she had to postpone her tour in Malaysia because she wants to attend the ceremony? A well deserved nomination for crap acting :D

    • javi g

      its the sundance film festival you ass. the movie she’s in rudderless has a screening there.

      • :)

        rudderless will be nominated for next razzies, so it really don’t matter. She’s a fail in movie making. Her wooden acting is a fail fail fail.

        • javi g

          hey moron rudderless is an indie film. directed by a talented actor/director william h macy. so it doesn’t really matter what ignorant morons like you think.

  • kili

    She is the worst actress in hollywood along with the likes of Kristen Stewart, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba etc.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    That’s a tough blow, but it’s not that bad if she’s in the same category as Naomi and Halle.

  • Floplena

    Wow she really need new underage it boy soon…she keeps flopping

    • Damn

      All actors start flopping and even more if they came from Disney… you can’t start being a hollywood star..

  • Minion001

    Worst singer and worst actress

    • Ricardo

      But she slays your fave. Tell how do you feel?

      • Ciara

        At least Demi’s not a famewhore ;)

  • hmmm

    That’s a pre-nomination. She is not nominated yet

  • ijustneedyounow

    how come she’s nominated for worst actress but not for worst singer?

  • boystan


  • Sugar

    I saw Getaway and she acted pretty good.. I think they only pre-nominated her because the movie flopped.

  • Ricardo

    For me this awards are “fun” because some actors have razzies and oscars at the same time, as I said some days ago she’s just getting started in the big screen world and I think she’ll do pretty good since Rudderless’ director said she’s a future promise of the cinema, so let’s wait.

  • Jill

    Hope she wins, well deserved

  • :)


  • tb

    i hope she wins. She really deserves it.

  • Guest

    She can’t sing and she can’t act.. WHY THE HELL IS SHE FAMOUS?