Vanessa Hudgens Psychiatrist Visit

Semi-Exclusive... Vanessa Hudgens Leaving A Shrinks House After TreatmentVanessa Hudgens attempted to hide from the camera as she is spotted leaving a psychiatrist house after treatment in Santa Monica, California on December 27, 2013. Photos: FameFlynet. What do YOU think is wrong with Nessa?

  • Alii

    Been there, Nessa. I wouldn’t say anything is WRONG with her, who knows.

  • anon

    A lot of celebs go to therapy, actually. Craig Ferguson sometimes asks the guest on the Late Late show if they’re in therapy and many say they are. Doesn’t necessarily mean there is a dire problem.

  • Taylor

    Because it’s a psychiatrist, it’s probably something. They’re doctors aka they can prescribe medication. She’s probably got some bad anxiety or depression.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Going to a psychiatrist is pretty normal; there shouldn’t be hype or pity. She could have a variety of diseases/disorders – so does the rest of the world. She’s just going to the doctor; get over it.

  • anonymous

    drugs and bad lifestyle

  • boystan

    yas she cray

  • Cici

    Nothing…we’ve all been there. We all need to see someone at one point in our lives.