Demi ‘Haters Think: I Can’t Sing, I’m Fat’

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Demi Lovato took to twitter to address haters saying, “Haters can only bother you if you aren’t doing anything to prove them wrong. I can’t sing? I’m singing on the treadmill and practicing my ass off. You think I’m fat? I’m already in the gym!!!!! You think I’m irrelevant? WATCH THA F*** OUT.. 2014

I’m GOING IN with my music and touring!!!!!!! Nobody’s gonna stop my grind.. LET’S DO THIS LOVATICS!!!!!!” Are YOU ready for Demi’s comeback? Do YOU think she can overthrow the current chart toppers like Miley, Lorde & Ariana Grande?

  • anonymous

    wilmer’s hoe

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I said this before and ill say it again, I cant even be mad at you because youre so darnn consistent. And cuz it’s true… (I FUCKING HATE WILMER TBQH)

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I applaud Demi for her confrontation of haters tbqh. You prove them wrong Demi! Four for you Glen Demetria!

    Honestly though… Im not sure she’ll ever be able to knock or break through the top40 again with any of the songs on her self-titled album. This is coming from a big Demi-stan. She may have potential if she made ‘Without The Love’ a single, but I honestly doubt she’ll do anymore singles since Neon Lights seems to be a semi-flop. Her tour is going to be INSANE tho, which is awesome for her because it’s a clash of the fandoms from Fifth Harmony, Little Mix & Demi — im just scared people might leave after Fifth Harmony & Little Mix bc they have huge fandoms now tbqh.

    • RegReach

      Really dont care should have been her seond single it can save this era

  • anon

    I like that attitude! You go Demi!

  • Alii

    She’s the best.

  • Cici

    Go girl! But don’t get on the treadmill trying to prove people wrong, just do it for you. We don’t want you getting obsessed with your body to please people again

    • anonymous

      it’s not to please people it’s to get attention

  • laura

    She’s a great role model for girls. Absolutely adore her <3

    • JJ456

      I don’t find a girl that did heavy drugs & alcohol a “role model.”

      • laura

        She over came her problems and is now speaking out to other girls.
        She is a role model and you’re all annoying dumb fucks.

    • ty

      role model for girls i dont think so

  • :)


  • anonymous

    sorry but everyone who’s anyone is done with her after fail factor

  • anonymous

    Oh SHUT THE FUCK UP DEMI!! this girl is seeking attention.Enough is freaking enough.She goes on and on about herself! we know she’s been through alot,but good god,chill over it.She is starting to get on my nerves now.
    There are other celebs who get it far WORSE attacks and hate,than what she gets.She always gets praised and worshipped.Give me a break!! eg Miley gets the worst hate compared to Demi or Selena,but you don’t see her complaining or ranting about it!! omg
    Btw this is my opinion,I don’t care if some if you don’t agree with me.You’re just too much into ‘kissing her ass’,to see it

    • KatieXX

      She’s seeking attention? You’re the one with a paragraph complaining about her and you’re no one. She’s doing something for girls and boys of today; she a true person. Grow up

    • heather

      Omg I couldn’t agree with you more! Yeah she had problems but that was in the past so let’s leave it in the past. She needs to stop looking for pity.

  • Emmy

    Again, again, again. She is annoying beyond belief. Her real problem is that she is obsessed with being loved by everyone and because her dream is intangible, she has all these mental issues. She basically admitted all her problems in this rant. Her singing has been quite awful this year and she is quite irrelevant. X Factor is a mediocre show and yet she couldn’t even do her job properly there. She cares too much about what people think to live her life. Miley is having a grand old time and she doesn’t give a fuck. I’ve picked up that philosophy myself. Once you stop caring about what people think, you can truly be happy and live life to its fullest. Peace.

    • getlikemiley


  • Zaina777

    Does she actually have haters of her music. I mean I think people think she is just milking her rehab stint. She can sing and well all know it. She isn’t the best but she is still pretty amazing at it.

  • JJ456

    Was she high when she wrote it?

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      runner’s high, yes

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Ton of haters in this post… so many pressed bitches.

    X-Factor failed based on a number of factors: I would say mainly the judging panel’s chemistry — there was a serious lack of actual critiques (all of them were too nice and said the same things over and over), lack of promotion. Also, there’s too many singing competitions on TV nowadays that it’s getting way too saturated.

    You cant base Demi’s talent based on a TV show she was a judge on. And for those calling her an attention whore — were you not the very ones who were criticizing her when she was hiding things? Mags/gossip sites were all spreading rumors about her drugs/alcohol/eating disorder pre-rehab, the fact that she came out and set everyone straight is not attention-seeking, but trying to clear the air for herself imho. If sons of bitches STOPPED asking her about it, Im sure she’d stop talking about it. So back the fuck off, it takes some serious bravery to talk about these deep issues she reveals about herself.

    • soft ghetto

      If sons of bitches STOPPED asking her about it, Im sure she’d stop talking about it.” If Demi really wanted to stop talking about it, she would’ve blocked the questions as off limits during interviews. She’s cleared the air already and definitely went above and beyond in her access hollywood interview. I know she has good intentions, but the more she talks about it and preaches, the less genuine it seems and making it look more like a business ploy.

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        bc they obvi wanted an exclusive, and they did that in exchange for her book promo. It’s a give and take tbqh

  • anon

    Demi already has an advantage. She’s got a hourglass figure like Scarlett Johansson.

  • Troll


  • She can sing, the problem is the crap she sings. I remember years ago when I would listen to shadow and Open and Trash over and over again. Her Disney stuff is all so produced, and her version of Let it Go falls Flat compared to the original.

    She can sing, but her music is nothing really special.

    • Brent

      This. She’s so concerned with getting radio plays and charting that she doesn’t sing what’s right for her voice. Her vocals completely shine when she’s singing something rock influenced, and out of her albums, “Here We Go Again” was the best. “Don’t Forget” was too Disney-influenced and too Jonas Brother-y. “Unbroken” was, if I’m being completely honest, horrible. Too much trying to show off her voice with R&B music that was an obvious ploy to be taken seriously. And “DEMI” was just contrived in the sense that she wanted to try a different genre to get her as mainstream as possible since the last album didn’t do it.

      Obviously, I’m a fan of hers. Been a fan since “As The Bell Rings.” And even though what she went through was horrible, it’s amazing she’s recovered. But she really needs to stop banking on that to get attention, because she has the talent to do that for her. Demi is still so self-conscience because she cares too much about what people think of her, and her body, and lets petty bullshit get under her skin, like that Cheyne douche. She’d be much more successful and wouldn’t need side jobs like “X-Factor” (which she never should’ve done in the first place) or writing books full of quotes to stay relevant if she did the music SHE wanted to do, without trying to get the #1 single or a Grammy nomination, because it’s not working. And if she really wanted to make a must-needed change, she’d completely back away from the media and the public all-together for a while to figure herself out, because as much as she’s recovered, she isn’t near as well as she could be since she feels the need to have to prove herself every.chance.she.gets. That’s not healthy and she’s much too beautiful and talented to be damaging her psyche because she’s not as “famous” as her peers. (And before you say anything, she isn’t. Miley’s desperate acts, Selena with Bieber, Lorde’s big mouth, and Taylor’s love life make them more prevalent in the headlines. And I’ve heard more of their music than Demi’s this year.) She has millions of fans who are rooting for her, but she’s not helping herself.

      • I wouldn’t compare her to her Disney peers or Taylor and Lorde because she is different, but I think she talks a lot about what she went through and how she is so much better now, but still feels insecure being who she really is.I think some artist nowadays should try to figure out who they are so that they can create amazing music.

      • Emmy

        Coming from me… I was actually a fan of Demi’s from the beginning until the end of the Here We Go Again era. There is something extremely fraudulent about her that I picked up once the rehab and drug stories got out. She is immensely insecure as well as hypocritical and I feel that she is willing to lie for the sake of image and fame. I feel like she’s doing the same exact things right now. I can’t support that kind of person. She’s not honest with herself or her fans. Don’t believe these PR grabs about her “coming clean”. The real stories about her behavior have been out for years, but her team fervently denies it. I also don’t buy her bullying stories, because she has the kind of personality that suggests that she may have been a bully herself (probably while she was still in school). It does not help that she tries too hard with her current music and has no real artistic identity of her own. You can hate Miley all you want, but she was always the most famous member of the Disney pack. Her records sold big numbers, and to me I could spot her talent from the very beginning. Miley is not afraid to do what she wants, and I admire the risks she has taken with her music. Bangerz was fresh, a pop album with personality and originality. That has nothing to do with her antics. I was a fan who was eager to see her return to music. As for Demi, I listened to her album and it was just generic. For someone with such strong mental issues, I don’t think Hollywood is the best place for her to be. She certainly lacks the charisma and talent to stand out from the pack. She uses rehab, drugs, and bullying as her excuse when really, she is her own worst enemy. She fails to make good music simply because she either lacks taste, the effort, or maybe just the talent. That’s my two cents.

        • DJ

          Seriously? I get where you’re coming from but Demi is as real, talented, and charismatic as it gets in Hollywood. She is an amazing performer, belong gorgeous, and she tries her best to be completely honest and open with her fans. Everything that is being speculated about her life now, she has already admitted before, time and time again. I’m sure she doesn’t like talking about it over and over again but she does it as a means of inspirations for anyone going through the same thing, or someone who has recently recovered to stay strong. She is still dealing, so of course once in awhile, we might get a random ass tweet about her ranting about ‘the best way to fight off haters is to prove them wrong, yadayadaya’ — which, by the way, I COMPLETELY disagree with. But yeah. Give her some slack. She lacks an artistic identity and she’s trying to find herself without the partying, and without the drugs. She’d be a hypocrite if she went the Miley route — Miley herself is a HUGE hypocrite! Selena’s way is too premature and she ruined all chances of going that path the day she checked into rehab. She’s way to good too go the sympathy route like Taylor and she is way to wholesome too go the gimmicky way like Katy, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, etc.

          She is not doing anything completely wrong, if anything, I blame her management and HR. All she has to do is get in shape, adopt clearer philosophies and mantras, decide on a musical identity, and give it her all without minding the haters and doubters. I’m a huge Lovatic and I’d never ever abandon my queen. I love her with her flaws and all! And if you don’t like her or believe in her, then why the heck are you wasting your time commenting about her?

  • boystan

    prove them wrong bae

  • anon

    you go gurl!!

  • Anon

    LOL she obviously still cares if she’s talking about it. I also agree with the person that said her new music is horrible. Because it is. She was vocally better and had better songs before she went to treatment….The girl still needs to get her shit together. It’s too obvious that she never truly healed.

    • May

      You’re a dumbass.

  • soblue1234

    GO DEMI!!!!!!!

  • Guess my name

    Oh yeah she said it