Rivers ‘Jennifer Lawrence Is A Hypocrite’

jena malone jennifer lawrence catching fire
The “Fashion Police” co-host Joan Rivers is still holding a grudge against Jennifer Lawrence telling the NYP, ‘My New Year’s resolution is [ensuring] Jennifer Lawrence grows up and realizes how lucky she is and calms down.’

Clearly Rivers is still touchy over Lawrence’s comments back in November that shows like Fashion Police tell young people to judge others based on ‘all the wrong values and that it’s OK to point at people and call them ugly or fat.’

Rivers, 80, initially responded to the 23-year-old’s comments via Twitter, writing that the actress was “arrogant and a hypocrite, apparently Lawrence loved Rivers’ show when they were complimenting her during award season but began railing against it when she had a movie to promote. Lawrence didn’t respond to Rivers’ tweets directly, but she did go on to tell Barbara Walters that she believes it should be “illegal to call somebody fat on TV.”

Jennifer Lawrence has been candid about her refusal to lose weight for roles, her distaste for dieting, and willingness to admit when she’s been photoshopped, yet Rivers seems to think her campaign is nothing but an act. “I love that she’s telling everyone how wrong it is to worry about retouching and body image, and meanwhile, she has been touched up more than a choir boy at the Vatican. Look at her posters. She doesn’t have a nose, she has two holes. She just has to learn, don’t talk if you’re doing it.”

  • Hollyhysteria

    But Jennifer isn’t the one photoshopping any of the photos…that’s the press.
    Also, that’s rich coming from Joan Rivers who has had more things done to her face than anyone else.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      mfte… its not like JLaw is the one demanding that these photos be touched up, it’s up to the studios and those in charge of graphic designing and doing the promo behind it.

      Joan Rivers needs to get stop being such a constipated plastic surgery-loving 80 year old hooker whose got such a large stick wedged up her asshole, and just back the fuck off because she obvi instigated the whole thing.

  • dear lord…

    Does that old rat not realize Jennifer isn’t the one who photoshop the posters and stuff? Just when you think she can’t be any more stupid…

  • Alii

    Omg go the fuck away.

  • Zaina777

    The show is so stupid. They don’t even dress properly themselves and they have the nerve to criticize other people for their fashion choices. Hypocrites much?

    • Amanda

      I know, i watch it sometimes and I’m mind blown by kelly osborne… her outfits are gross in my opinion! I’m just like TAKE A SEAT

      • Zaina777

        It’s werid. I actually really used to like her when I was like ten. Now it seems like she starts drama with people. She was always pretty irrelavant in my opinion. Not to be mean.

  • anon

    She’s just mad that Jennifer Lawrence is the new Julia Roberts.

  • live.love.learn.

    Joan Rivers is so pressed she can’t look as good as JLaw even with the amount of work she’s had done. Like seriously, that nose job is hideous. She needs to go away like forever.

    But tbh, I laughed so hard at the “been touched up more than a choir boy at the Vatican” comment. Lmaooo

  • Rosemary

    Joan Rivers needs to stop talking

  • Kay

    I agree with Joan, jennifer is a hypocrite, she goes around calling skinny girls scarecrows and saying being skinny looks gross, but she is SO offended when someone calls another person fat.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      this is going to sound fucked up, but if someone called me as skinny as a ‘scarecrow’, I probably would be happy about it lmfao.

      This is probably ignorant, but I dont understand girls who say they cant gain weight. Like have you heard of a donut? Gaining weight is about all I can do hahahahha!

      • LikeICare

        Fast metabolism is a bitch.

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          come eat with me for a day, I guarantee results! Im not overweight, but I FEEL LIKE IM ON THIS ENDLESS DIET AND LIFE SUX

          • LikeICare

            No I’m fat too I just have a friend who’s struggling with bullying & shit bc of her weight and people are always telling her to eat a cheese burger & what they don’t know is that she eats every time she gets the chance to it’s just that her metabolism is really fast.

      • Kay

        probably because you arent skinny, when i was younger I was super super skinny, and i remember one day at school this girl made fun of my chicken legs, i never wore skirts at school anymore and to this day i feel very counsious about my legs even tho Im not so skinny anymore, and I also used to eat like 3 slices of pizza, one bag of chips, chocolate,2 cokes almost like everyday and never gain weight.

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          WHAT I WOULD GIVE TO LIVE IN YOUR SHOES OH GOD. dont get me wrong… im not fat or obese at all lol, I just have to constantly be watching what I eat & working out to stay my size.

          • Kay

            well I love it right now I admit it (because I am not so skinny anymore), but when you are 15 and you are not comfortable with your body and have this big celebrities and people at school making fun of how you look its not so good.

        • bridget

          I’m so sorry that you were bullied for your weight. I love when celebrities like Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera are careful when talking about weight to say that some people are just normally thin, and that there’s nothing wrong with that, and that those people are beautiful too. There is such pressure on women to be thin, that there is a pushback from women about how being curvy is beautiful, and that’s all fine and dandy but putting down the body types of some women in order to boost up another is defeating the purpose. We should be empowering ALL women to feel beautiful with the bodies that God gave them.

      • anon

        I cant gain weight either, granted I do exercise and eat healthily most of the time as in homemade meal. But not to stay in shape it’s just how I was raised, i grew up with my grandma and mom making me good food and on top of that i have great genes. Though I do eat ice cream, donuts and all that during the weekends (once a week).

        • anon

          Forgot to add, I didnt use to exercise before and i started exercising to gain weight.

      • laura

        I can eat shit loads of donuts and still not gain weight. The more fatty foods I eat, the more weight I lose. No joke at all.
        Also, it hurts when people say shit like that. I don’t want to look like a 12 year old either, I want to have curves and whatnot but I can’t.
        So yes, it’s kind of ignorant of you to say that but I get where you’re coming from.

  • soft ghetto

    JLaw and Joan Rivers are both guilty of bullying and putting people down for the way they look, It’s worst with Jennifer though since she prides herself on positive body image while making fun of skinny people.


    Can we just for 1 second focus on the gif? I mean that whole thing is like 1% Katniss and Peeta 99% Josh and Jennifer BAHAHAHHAHA

  • kdelly

    Its not like Jen controls what part of her are touched up. In any normal photoshoot there will be massive amount of retouching a photoshop done just because of the editors of the magazine. the stars in the photos have NO control over what the editors do. The world we live in today wouldn’t buy a magazine with the person on the cover showing anything but perfection and you ALL know thats true. On andy given photo of Jlaw, edited or not, she has less photoshopping done to her than joan has plastic surgery, so joan needs to shove it. Out of everything I’ve ever watched, read, or heard straight from hen’s mouth herself is not that she is basin on girls that are thin, but on the girls who are so thin they have bones sticking out, EARTH TO THE WORLD that shit aint healthy. and don’t preach to me that “I have a fast metabolism” “I can’t gain weight”… The bodies’ metabolism will not leave you looking like you have no muscle, no fat, and are literally just skin and bones (also i’m talking about girls 18 and up. it is BIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, especially after puberty hits (of course thats also when most girls are most insecure and do stop eating and become skin a bones). I’m healthy, I have a body type much like Jen’s I work out 5-6 times a week, I eat on the less healthy side of things (i’m sorry but you’ll have to cut off my hand before you take away my oreos), but when I see girls my age walking around looking malnourished, thats when I have the same thoughts as jen. she’s such a good person and honestly doesn’t give a shit what others think.

    • Kay

      then it is ok if a call a fat girl over the age of 18 a WHALE because HOW ON EARTH can you get really fat without eating too much, plus being overweight it isnt healthy at all, then if I call WHALEs girls ONLY over 198 pounds it is ok right?

      • kdelly

        can tell tis is meant to be antagonizing but i’ll respond anyways. i think, how do I put this, I don’t agree with being overly skinny or overweight. I think when nasty people out there sit there and call out people who are at healthy weights fat or too skinny is wrong. thats why they created the BMI. there are limits to every height and age…if you’re too skinny i’m gonna fucking tell you and of you’re obese i’m gonna tell you(i’m not gonna be like bitch you’re a fat whale, but if you’re one of my friends yeah i’m gonna tell you you’re being unhealthy). doctors tell you you’re overweight or underweight, but you can’t take it from other people? do something about it. don’t fucking complain don’t let yourself get to that point. plain and simple TAKE CARE OF YOUR FUCKING BODY. if you don’t, just like if you don’t shower and smell like shit, people are gonna fucking tell you. if you’re 5’3″ and 250 pounds, and those pounds are not muscle? you’re overweight plain and simple. America has some of the highest obesity statistics and some of the highest populations of peoples with eating disorders.

        • Kay

          I agrede with you, but what bothers me about Jen is that she calls skinny girls ( maybe like you said only extreme skinny girls but whatever) scarecrows and she is offended by the word FAT and wants to make it illegal wich in my opinion it isn’t even an insult it’s just the truth. I’m not saying that being extremely skinny is healthy (unnaturally of course) but that she uses mean words to describe it. That is why she comes off to me as a bully. Like you said, you wouldn’t call your fat friend a whale, but that is exactly what she is doing to skinny girls. And just for the record there are people that are extremely skinny or fat and can’t do anything about it. I knew a girl who was just bones and skin but it was due to an illness I imagine how would she feel if she read those nasty comments Jennifer did.

          (I have some grammar errors but on on my phone and can’t go back and fix them)

          • kdelly

            you have some really great points and i understand exactly what you’re meaning is. as with many topics and issues in this media heavy world there are always exceptions like those you point out. i’ve known people with illnesses that can’t get thin (even my one grandmother who’s had a thyroid problem all her life and I know many more with this same problem) I agree with the fat comment that it is the truth, but maybe it should just be more censored (not like bleeped out, but used with more thought put into it) and not just thrown around willy nilly, as should the way anyone calls another person too skinny.

            don’t worry about the grammar! I got what you’re saying!

    • anon

      I agree with everything you said except the no muscles part. If you only do cardio, your body will burn fat and eventually eat your muscles unless you do resistance training as well. Specially women, since they dont produce as much testosterone as men.

      • kdelly

        true, I didn’t take that into consideration, i usually run up hill so i’ve built muscle from that

    • laura

      I am 18, no longer in puberty and am incredibly thin. You can count my ribs, all my bones stick out and what not. Does that mean I’m malnourished? Hell no! I went to a nutrionist (sorry if that’s not the proper word), she made a food plan for me which also keeps in account of my intolerances (can’t eat meat, gluten, lactose or eggs). This means I eat like crazy so I put on some weight which unfortunately isn’t exactly working. Yes, I’ve gained weight but honestly not as much as I wanted. I perhaps no longer look like a 12 year old, but looking like a 14 year old isn’t much better either.
      Unless you’ve majored in sciences or whatever, I’d rather have you not claiming things like that because you obviously don’t know shit about how hard it is.
      People like you and Jen don’t get how much skinny girls get bullied as well, how often we hear we look like little kids or that ‘real women have curves’. If you think it’s ok to call people skinny bitches, scarecrows or compare them to prepubescent boys, you’re no much better than people calling overweight people fat.

      • kdelly

        if you read further down you’ll see i HAVE amended what i’ve posted. i’m sorry i offended you, read the whole post please.

      • kdelly

        ALSO i do know what its like to be fat bullied and skinny bullied. I was once overweight and when i lose all that weight (in a healthy way may I add) I didn’t put o any muscle and I looked like a twig. There are people like you out there that are making a change and seeing a nutritionist, especially with your intolerances . but 9 out of 10 people out there and living at an unhealthy weight for their height. I have to drink protein shakes to keep my body how I want it now.

        I DONT think its okay to call people ” skinny bitches, scarecrows or compare them to prepubescent boys” as you put it, but i think its justified to tell people they’re not being healthy. I’m about to graduate in the springs with a degree in nutritional sciences and applied nutrition.(also in mass communications, but that was my back up)

        Like I said below i don’t sit there and call people fat or skinny outright (which jen needs to watch out for since she’s a public figure) but if you’re asking me and you want my honest answer I’m gonna tell you. I’ve found my healthy an others need to, too. Sorry if others can’t handle the truth but that what this country fucking needs. I’m tired of people shielding the unhealthy and blaming the people trying to help.

        All in all joan and jen are hypocrites and I may be too, but shit happens.

        • laura

          Sorry, my ipod didn’t show all the posts :s
          I think that the problem is, that there’s always a story behind it you know. They don’t just eat too much because they want to and they don’t starve themselves willingly either.
          This world is so fucked up…
          Ps: protein shakes are so fucking nasty! I had to take them to gain weight a few months back but unfortunately it didn’t work for me at all.

          • kdelly

            I definitely agree with you. and about the shakes i know! hahah i finally found some that are alright, but instead of mixing with water i mix them with almond milk which helps A LOT ahha

  • :)

    Thank you Joan!!!

  • boystan

    i like joan but she needs to stop being a pressed old bitch

  • George MacCleave

    joan rivers is still a bitch.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Lol this gig .