Liam Payne Has A Big Snake

liam-payne-big-snakeLiam Payne showing off his huge snake on Twitter: ‘My aunties snake ahhhhhhh! Meet Philis’. Liam recalled the snake habitat drama in Australia: ‘So what happened [that day] is, at the back of our hotel there’s a massive sign saying ‘Don’t go in here, snake habitat’..

So I was sat on the balcony one day and out of nowhere I just heard these voices coming up through the snake thing. These girls waltzing on through, in little shorts and what not. I was like ‘Whoa, girls’. I took them back to the front in a golf cart.’


  • h

    he has such a big snake

  • boystan


  • boystan

    he’s so cute kms

  • BangBang

    “I took them back to the front in a golf cart” That’s really sweet of him to do that!

  • ivan

    Bieber has dog-terrible
    Liam has big snake-wonderful
    Get the picture?

    • threelittlebirds

      it’s not his snake. it’s his aunt’s. read.