Miley Britney Concert W/ Katy & Selena

miley cyrus birtney outfit
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Miley Cyrus went to Britney spears opening night in Las Vegas! She also greeted Katy Perry (in the white shirt) & seemingly ignored Selena Gomez (in black with the leather jacket). More pics of the Miley, Selena & Katy Perry meetup under + Video of Miley dancing front row at her concert under!

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  • laura

    miley looks cute for a change : )

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      but her OUTFIT….?!

      • laura

        it’s ok, she’s covered up and I think it’s quite cute. It could’ve been better but whatever I guess we’ll have to get used to it.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    the girl in black with the leather jacket doesnt look like selena tho imho… am I the only one who thinks that?

    • Cici

      I don’t think it’s her either. Selena was there with Sia, right?

  • xoxo
  • Alii


    • :)

      Shady my ass, that’s not even selena. And if it was, you mean to tell me selena couldn’t get off her ass and walk over to Miley, please.

  • CommonSense
  • cerenagee

    Wth is she wearing? That outfit isn’t cute. It could have been but it literally looks Luke she cut the bottom of those onesie leotards she’s been wearing off and put in a cute black dress under.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      IAWTCSFM… Also her shoes could have at least been a solid black, instead of that weird plaid pattern which is so off-putting the entire outfit.

  • Nic Ros

    Calm down people, her outfit isn’t even that bad.

  • BangBang

    I always wonder why some people wear heels to concerts. Or was this a more formal event…?

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I feel like in LA everyone wears heels to concerts. Does that not happen in your neck of the woods?

      • BangBang

        It probably does happen where I’m from but I haven’t come across that many. Their feet must hurt so much afterwards unless they just came to look pretty…

    • laura

      I don’t get it either.. How can you enjoy a concert if you’re wearing such painful shoes?

      • BangBang


  • anonymous


  • Carine

    Oh what a nice change! Britney is singing live :)

  • Anonymous

    pretty face ugly clothes

  • Troll

    Good Miley ignore Selena she is irrelevant!

  • uh

    Can we get some better pix of Miley and Katy and Selena (supposedly) there’s like two people above Katy taking photos of them where are there photos?! looool

  • Letty Mendoza

    one picture of them not talking and all of a sudden Miley is ignoring Selena.

    • :)

      Why is it that Miley is always ignoring selena and not the other way around. But OU if you want to believe that then Britney also ignored selena by not tweeting her.

      • Letty Mendoza

        totally agree with you. people just want to keep stirring problems between those two

  • boystan

    miley stanning hard for queen brit like she should

  • boystan

    i’m seeing britney on tuesday omg omg

  • vanessa:=)

    at least she have some clothes on—-

  • threelittlebirds

    idk…i kinda like the outfit..