Zayn & Perrie Barbados Wedding

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According to the UK Daily Mail, Zayn Malik is said to be going all out to get Journey to reunite in order for them to play live at his wedding with his lover Perrie Edwards, so they can dance to her favorite song.

In addition Barbados is where Perrie wants to have the Zeerrie wedding next year, and sources claim he’s determined to encourage the rockers to play signature tune Don’t Stop Believin’ on their big day.

According to The Sun the band’s guitarist, Neal Schon, has indicated that he might be persuaded to perform for one night only, but enticing lead singer Steve Perry is an entirely different proposition. The vocalist, whose distinctive voice is heard on the track, hasn’t taken to the stage with the band for 17-years.

An insider said: ‘Zayn is hopeful Journey will be there in some guise. Neal has made it clear through his channels he is up for it. He has his touring band who can play.” Getting the band onstage will be a tall order for the 20-year-old as reclusive Steve has turned down repeated requests to reunite with his band-mates.

Speaking on a VH1 Behind The Music special dedicated to the rockers in 2001, Perry claimed that he ‘never really felt like he was a part of the band.’ Zayn and Perrie are said to be considering Barbados as a destination for their nuptials, and the One Direction star remains hopeful that his industry clout will be enough to pull off the coup. ‘I know my missus wants the lead singer from Journey, he reportedly said recently. ‘We’ll see what we can do about that.’

In response, Perrie added: ‘I don’t know if it’s going to happen.. I need him!’ While Barbados is the preferred backdrop for their wedding, the Little Mix star is said to be undecided regarding location. A source told the Mirror: ‘She’s torn between having a UK do, because all her family are here, and doing something magical and exotic abroad, like Barbados.’

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  • Jess

    Am I the only one who thinks they’re not for each other and that they’re too young?

    • lolumadhuh

      lol nope. but its their life.

  • Luna

    Perrie is too dumb, it’s embarrassing
    can’t believe he’s with her.

  • boystan

    zerrie is fake #RIHxposed

  • sondra_a

    idek whether “his missus” wants Steve Perry or the current lead singer of Journey. He didn’t say Steve Perry…

    • Danielle

      She wants Steve Perry because that’s who’s she’s named after. He’s her idol :)

  • Anon

    Zayn seems like such a sleaze.