Emma Watson While We’re Young Role

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Stephen Chbosky, who directed Emma Watson in The Perks of Being A Wallflower, has signed her up to star in While We’re Young, the tale of a 75-year-old woman whose affiliation with her 29-year-old granddaughter leads her to make a birthday wish that she was that age again.

And of course, the wish comes true. It’s an adaptation of the novel 29, by Adena Halpern, and should come out after we’ve seen Russell Crowe’s biblical epic Noah, and Your Voice In My Head, based on the memoirs of writer Emma Forrest.


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Aww that’s a really cute picture.

  • threelittlebirds

    sounds like a movie that’s been done before.

    • guest

      Sounds, to me, like 17 again. Both versions. I think I’ll pass. This premise has been done so much I don’t see how it can be played any differently.

      • RegReach

        Yeah but this is thoughprovoking and for adults not jsut teen who want to see hsm star on the big screen
        never mind it proably woulndt suit you anyway

  • Mila

    Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday > Emma in whatever this mess is.

    • boystan


  • ISeeSparksFly

    God, I miss Harry Potter so much.