Harry To Friends ‘Kendall Is Boring’

kendall-jenner-boringHarry Styles’ told friends that he wants nothing to do with Kendall Jenner and her family’s reality TV lifestyle, reports Daily Star: ‘Harry finds Kendall one of the most boring people he has ever met.

Harry finds Kendall very attractive but finds her personality practically nonexistent. Harry has a very dry, British humour and thinks he’d be better off with an English girl who gets his sarcasm.

He is fed up with people asking him about his famous lifestyle and misses having normal conversations about everyday things. Harry is a really down-to-earth guy and he appreciates the opportunities he has in front of him but he’s really struggling with certain aspects of fame.’

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  • Guest

    She’s boring with him because she has no interest in him. Get a clue Harry,she’s only hanging out with you because mom told her to.

    • lolumadhuh

      lol thats not nice!

    • creature

      I couldn’t help but snicker hahaha.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    That pic is cute but that “relationship” is as fake as they come. It’s like they’re walking around with a sign above their heads reading “PUBLICITY, PUBLICITY”.

  • Mila

    Most boring person he’s ever met? He fake-dated boring TAYLOR SWIFT of all people.

    • Anon

      I’d rather be boring and have a big heart than be like the crack head in your icon or be part of a desperate attention-seeking family like the Kardashians.

    • fatso

      Taylor has like 20 friends I doubt she’s boring, just because her image is this granny asexual cat obsessed person doesn’t mean she is.

  • akakakak

    give me a reason to believe this
    if all this is true then let me just say hes a really bad boyfriend he apparently bad mouths his girlfriend or if its a rumor then whenever he has a gf people make rumors that hes saying shit about them if its true this douche who thinks a mop haircut is hot needs to go

  • threelittlebirds

    that looks like stella hudgens..

  • heather

    I agree that Kendall is too boring for harry, but I highly doubt he would just come out and say that she’s the most boring person he’d ever met.

  • adsfasdfadf

    I can’t say it’s that hard to believe.. she seems pretty dull on TV but maybe it’s deceiving? I feel like their personalities would clash

  • Troll

    Didn’t he say that about Taylor Swift. Kendal Jenner is actually interesting according to that reality show. Taylor Swift seems boring and obnoxious!

  • Duckyhoward15

    Lol yeah he said so but last night he wanted her so bad lol

  • boystan

    are they even dating

  • Just a person with alot of 1D

    YEAH YEAH YEAH same things was published and told abiut harry when he was with Taylor and actually around the same time last year. IF u really knw him he’s the sweetest person ever and won’t say anything bad. If u didn’t hear him or saw him saying that so that’s not true Don’t believe anything u hear or read unless u saw it yourself. & Let’s get over this If they love each other so good for them or not that’s their choose Just have a life and Leave them ALONE!!!