Niall Horan KNEE Surgery Next Week

niall-horan-surgeryAccording to Unreality TV been reported today that One Direction singer Niall Horan is to undergo surgery next week on his knee. He’ll jet to the States for the operation, and it’s expected that he’ll stay in an exclusive clinic for ten days. A source close to 1D said:

Niall has battled this problem since he was a child. His knee dislocates and it is very uncomfortable. He’s had physio sessions for years but the pain persists so surgery is the best solution to have him fully fit and ready for the demands of a long tour.’

Last year, Niall spent weeks on crutches because of his knee, and at the time, he joked that a squirrel attack had damaged his leg. ‘He is in good hands for the surgery. Simon Cowell’s record label SYCO is to foot the bill for all travel and medical costs.


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    Ah that happens to me. Probably not as often orrrr as severe as his situation since I don’t need surgery but yeah. When I do squats or bend my knee at a certain angle it randomly just pops out. It hurts so bad and the only way for me to pop it back in is BT straightening my leg and that hurts even more than just leaving it out