Selena Gomez Bridget Jones Pseudonym

selena-gomez-bridget-jonas-fake-name (2)selena-gomez-bridget-jonas-fake-name (1)Selena Gomez has been spotted using the pseudonym Bridget Jones while at Los Angeles airport on Saturday evening, reports Daily Mail. Selena had been to watch Britney Spears perform in Las Vegas the evening before she flew back to LA.

When she arrived back in the southern Californian state her limo driver was waiting for her with a placard that said ‘Bridget Jones’. Selena looked highly amused by the name-change and couldn’t stop laughing.

Selena Gomez #1 Hottest Fashion Transformation: Selena Gomez has proven the value of a jolly good crop top this year. When she stepped out in front of the audience on the Late Show with David Letterman wearing exactly that and a 90s double split skirt from J.W. Anderson’s Versus collection we were greeted with a Gomez post Justin Beiber: an altogether sexier and sassier dresser.

Even from the promotion of Spring Breakers right back in February to end of the year there has been a transformation from girl next door good girl to the split dressed of Versace, which spell out ‘Hello I am a woman now!’ Later Disney!

The labels: Dolce and Gabbana, David Koma & A LOT of Versace and Versus Stand-out moment: With such a baby face it’s tough to pull off ‘womanly’, but Selena did just that when she attended the VMA awards in August wearing a floor length Versace Atelier gown with studded detailing and exposed bustier.

The result was jaw dropping and showed you can be sexy without stripping out of a teddy bear costume and revealing your nude latex underwear, cough, cough, Miley Cyrus.

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