Bieber Flops In UK + Bodyguard Arrested

VIDEO is of Bieber dancing shirtless Time nightclub, Toronto Dec. 30. Justin Bieber scored his lowest ever UK chart position over Christmas after his new album failed to scrape into Britain’s top 40. His latest record, Journals, landed as a new entry at number 46 on Sunday.

The record was preceded by a 10-week campaign called Music Mondays during Bieby released one song a week to fans, and Bieber gave devotees a limited time to buy up the album by declaring it will be removed from online music sales site iTunes on Jan. 2

Journals was also deemed a flop in Australia after the record limped into the album chart at number 35, with nationwide sales of just 4,067. Believe flopped in America making just $2 million in its opening weekend to land in 14th place. The Believe didn’t make it into the box office top 10 in The UK.

Justin Bieber’s bodyguard attacked a limo driver and Bieby was in the limo at the time of the incident, reports TMZ. & Two of his bodyguards were arrested after allegedly attacking a cop at a fan event in Florida. Bieber was in Canada at Toronto Maple Leafs game with daddy Jeremy.

  • Truth

    ‘I’ll be here forever!’ -Justin Bieber ‘The only time I won’t be on top is when I don’t wanna be.’ – Justin Bieber. What’s that Bieber? Oh yeah Karma. I’m so glad he isn’t getting glorified anymore. There are tons of people with 10x the talent, but only a third of the success. You better get a night light Justin because your lime light is dimming fast.

  • JUG

    That’s why I’m always talking about the importance of protecting Justin’s perfume sales. When all else fails, be it music, movies or touring, the perfume sales tend to hold up. At Britney’s lowest moments, her perfume was still selling. Justin just better hope that his recent antics have not hurt his perfume sales.

  • heyyyyyy

    Justin DESTROYED JonasBros and 1D has a cure Bieber fever. Bring on the next NEW THING!!

    • lolumadhuh

      It’s the cycle baby.

    • lol

      Thats what happens when you’re just a product to be marketed to little girls who only care about looks and not the music. The next new thing comes along quickly.

    • fghjk

      well justin gayber is a drug addict like always and slepping with prostitudes and he is showing his middle finger to every one and spit to the fans and pee on the pocket this kid is sick with capital letters he is disgusting as hell he needs help i dont know what is going on with his brain is sooo trashy

  • Justthat

    people said that Selena success’s gained by dating Justin and since the breakup i could have only seen the reverse:) His antics which are the same with Miley dont seem to work well with him. Oh, i forgot, he doesn’t have boobs or pussy to show like Miley!

  • ivan

    The usual Bieber smear form Oceanup. Australia and the U.K. are not the most Bieber friendly countries; one has Lorde, the other has One Direction. But Journals is still #2 on itunes worldwide and 3 in the US after 9 days and his Believe album has gone up the chart on Itunes. His concert tour was No. 4 of 20 in 2013 ahead of One Direction. And he has established a record for the most money for a concert tour for Believe of anyone under 19. All this is independent of the success or lack of success of his movie which in the long run will more than make up it’s cost of production and small promotion it got-under 9 million.

  • ivan

    What his bodyguards did in Miami had nothing to do with Justin Bieber-guilt by association? As for the other incident, neither TMZ or you know what happened. There were several persons in that limo; we don’t know what instigated the assault [if it happened and it’s not another false charge], or, if it happened, who did it. Does anyone ask questions anymore? You all are so anxious to see this kid ruined! The burden of proof is on the driver to show he was assaulted unless admitted by the one charged.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    All I will say is give credit where it’s due, justin didn’t even try this year because I don’t believe he wanted to. I feel like all of this was planned by him. Do anyone not remember the tweets about his management? Not having time off and being overworked? The album and movie only cost 5 million to make and it was ONLY for the fans. Lol, y’all keep thinking this is the last of him or that he’s flopping by cycle but something has been up this whole year. Here’s a better use for that quote. “The only time I won’t be on top is when I don’t wanna be.” – Justin Bieber.

    • Nbl

      Yea sure, that’s what happened….. His horrible choices and off-putting attitude had nothing to do with him flopping.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Never said it didn’t. You’re not going to find one comment belonging to me that says I agreed with any of his immature actions this year. Don’t assume when it comes to me. Thanks, have a good day.

  • Mellz89

    Flops is his new nickname lol