Kellan Lutz Is Using Miley Cyrus?

miley-kellan-sexKellan Lutz is reportedly using Miley Cyrus to promote his new film Hercules. Source revealed: ‘The timing of these hookups are suspect to Miley. She thinks that he might be using her for the media aspect of things.

He has a movie coming out next week and a lot of late night shows and other places will cover [their relationship], and will want to book him on their shows. So she is very suspect of his true intentions, that is the main reason she isn’t diving into a relationship with him.’

Or she is using him to make it look like she’s actually desirable to men..

UPDATE: Source at Beacher’s Madhouse Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino on Friday told E! News: ‘They were making out and didn’t seem to care who was watching. It wasn’t a secret that they were together.

Miley kept grabbing him throughout the night, pulling him with her as she went to leave the venue around 3:30 AM. You can tell he was into her, but at times he looked like he was uncomfortable with all the attention they were getting at the club.’

Miley and Kellan danced together to Major Lazer’s song ‘Bubble Butt,’ an apparent favorite of Miley’s: ‘She got very excited when that song came on. They have known each other forever. They have always been good friends but it turned romantic a couple of weeks ago. They are having fun together. They have very similar outlooks.

I am not sure if it has a future but they have great chemistry so for the time being they are just having fun. Neither of them is planning anything long-term right now, they are just enjoying themselves. They are both spontaneous, fun people, so their personalities match.’


  • misssterry

    Miley, girl, I beg you please stick that tongue back in your mouth & stop twerking. I’m so glad 2013 is over so we don’t have to see her crazy antics anymore.. and I for being a huge miley fan cannot believe I am writing this, but she did wayyy too much this year

  • cerenagee

    Unfortunately I think this could be true. Kellan seems like a douchebag desperate to be relevant. As for the last sentence, grow the fuck up OU.

    • misssterry

      OU has a love/hate relationship with Miley

    • asdfghjkl

      a cute douchebag**

  • Zaina777

    If this is true then I have to agree with her. Despite her wild antics that she is doing now. I believe that she is quite succesful and always has been. Kellan may just want to be in the spotlight as the guy who fucked Miley. I think Liam also used her initially. I am sure that he loved her but no one really knew who he was untill he started dating her. Now he is an international star. I think Miley should be careful with this new guy that she is supposedly seeing. Also, isn’t he supposed be Liam’s friend?

    • jinx

      Hm, Liam became an international star because he did Hunger Games, maybe? lol. Celebrities date celebrities, face it. Famous celebs date famous celebs, famous celebs date not so famous celebs and it goes on and on. None of them keep analyzing which kind of celeb they should date. So, no I don’t think Liam ever meant to use her, even because she was not as famous as she is now and he even admitted he didn’t even knew Hannah Montana.

      • rinni

        15 mins in hunger games doesnt make him a star
        20 min in catching fire doesnt make him a star alll other movies flop

      • misssterry

        and how exactly did he get the hunger games role? because he was linked the Miley… le duh. but your right about him not knowing who miley was so therefore i don’t think he “used” her for fame.. or maybe he did when he found out what a huge deal she was in the states.

    • anon

      I dont think Liam cares. He’s not in love with Miley anymore.

  • anon

    doesnt jennifer lawrence look like chris hemsworth’s wife?

    • lols

      Nope… Liam is always sooo boring in the HG interviews, Jen and Josh are super funny, they match more, tho not physically.

    • asdfghjkl

      Josh needs to start wearing high heels

    • misssterry

      they honestly would make such a great couple. but i don’t think liam or jen has feelings for one other or maybe they do! who knows

  • anon

    kellan lutz is hot. good for miley

  • :)

    Is this the only picture of them making out?

    • They seem to be gropping each othet so much that night

  • taty

    poor miley it must be terrible not to be able to trust anyone. NIck used her, selena used her, taylor used her, demi used her liam used her, Cheyenne is using her, poor miley..

    • fghjk

      sorry but nick never use her they were love

    • tiffie mcfarlane

      selena and demi?..

  • taty

    they are not even making out he mouth is completely outside e giving him a hug or he seem to be putting her down and she gave him a huge with a kiss there no making out.

  • Lisa

    They’re just young and having some fun! Get it girl ;)

  • threelittlebirds

    i thought they weren’t dating? unless he’s using her as a friend.

  • Troll

    Well duh! I mean Miley is a fame whore and she is right the it girl so it is obvious Kellan is using miley. Btw Kellan thats a d*ck move to date your best friend Liam’s ex.

  • laura

    If they really made out, there must be pictures.
    Those ‘sources’ always annoy the shit out of me…