Miley Cyrus Reminisces Over Past Love

miley-past-lovemiley-past-love-2The Cardigans were most popular when Miley was dating Nick..

  • dee

    Dating Kellan would make me forget about Liam real fast too!! Hot damn, Kellan is SO HOT!!!!!! ;)

  • anon

    Kellan is the whole package. His body is amazing!! And I love the fact that he’s older. 28 so he is more mature than Liam. Liam is hot, but he’s no Kellan. I liked Liam but I always thought he was immature cause he always got in fights. Miley dating Kellan is just as good as Miley dating Chris Hemsworth. God Miley is so lucky for dating all these super hot guys.. so jealous, lol So wish it was me!! haha

    • threelittlebirds

      age has nothing to do with how mature you are. you can be young or old and be mature.

    • Anon

      Liam is less aggressive now. Jennifer Lawrence has tamed him.

  • jen

    kellan is a hottie lamattie with a swimmers body.

    • :)


  • cerenagee

    Banging a hot guy doesn’t replace the feelings you felt for someone you were in love with. God have any of the OU users ever experienced love? A hot hookup is nothinggggg compared to the way being in love feels. I feel bad for Miley. She’s clearly feeling lonely.

    • :)

      Because they’re insensitive little brats.

  • Anon

    “The cardigans were most popular when Miley was dating Nick” lol what

    • anonnnnnnnn

      Niley has been dead and buried for over 6 years now. So build a bridge and get over them! geezz

  • Ale Salazar

    pleaaasee… get over niley, she was engaged to liam… do you really think she’s still thinking that way about Nick?? pleeeaasee