Niall & Barbara Pub Date + Zerrie Zoo

zayn-barbara-zerrie (1)Niall Horan and fame desperate girlfriend model Barbara Palvin posed with fans while on a date at pub last night. Zayn Malik and different looking Perrie Edwards went on a date to the zoo yesterday. + Harry with Ben Winston’s wife in Hampstead Heath.

Zayn told Event magazine that he’s not leaving One Direction: ‘I definitely found it pretty hard to begin with. None of us really knew each other that well and none of us was really prepared. We were thrown in it together. We went through the same things.

Our mums crying when we left home because they weren’t prepared either. I found it pretty hard at first. You realise everyone is in the same boat. None of us knew what we were doing. You can’t take yourself too seriously, and you all start to relax into being who you are.

I can’t imagine how hard it would be to do this on your own, if you weren’t in a band. And Zayn has always been the one who has struggled to accept just how famous he is, and it seems that years down the line it still hasn’t quite sunk in.’

NOTE: 1D have cancelled an upcoming show in Paraguay due to logistical difficulties. They were booked to perform at Jockey Club venue in Asuncion, Paraguay on 29 April (14), but the show has now been axed. Apparently their ticket sales are not so hot right now.

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  • lolumadhuh

    Why every girl these boys date gotta be called fame whores?

    • Zaina777

      Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean she is a famewhore.

      • lolumadhuh

        No I didn’t mean it like that, I meant every girl the boys date, their fans call them fame whores, and it’s not right.

        • Zaina777

          Watch this

          I agree. They think they know their “babies”. Any girl who dates one of them is either dumb or a famewhore. Even if they were famous before them.

          • lolumadhuh

            Yeah I think this fangirl shit needs to die. Their is no reason for a woman in her 20’s to be obsessed with a boy band/or any other teen idol. It’s a fucking disgrace. It makes girl and woman look really awful.

          • anony

            but its okay for guys to be obsessed with football or basketball players and scream as equally loud in football or basketball matches? okay

          • lolumadhuh

            Who the fuck is talking about men and sports?! That’s irrelevant! What I’m saying is, it’s stupid for girls to obsessive over a celebrity so much it takes up most of their lives. Fangirls send death threats, invade celebrities privacy, send all types of wild shit to get noticed on twitter, but once they get called out on it, they like to act like the victim. ITS SAD. ITS DEPRESSING. IT NEEDS TO STOP.

        • leila<3

          agree 100% even though I am a fan myself, everyone’s immature as hell. I don’t know why they haven’t realized they’re never going to get with a fan. They’re all too much.

  • Justthat

    last year justin and now niall. you r not gonna give up, aren’t u!

  • ivan

    Why the smearing of Barbara Pelvin as fame hungry for dating Niall of your beloved One Direction? Maybe they do like each other.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    Barbara is stunning.

  • ivy

    oceanup, please stop trying to be perez hilton and brand people with nicknames, like “famewhore” and what not, thats not what we are here for. please stop, i’m not liking coming here anymore.. just jared jnr doesn’t pull this shit

  • Nya

    Just give us the information, we don’t need to know how do you feel about the stars that you talk

  • kat

    you people are so fucking rude literlly what the fuck? Barbara didn’t need either Niall Horan or Justin Bieber to land herself on Victoria Secret. She did that all with her own work and doesn’t need a man to promote her. Just stop with your shit no one’s going to like your posts more by insulting others. Grow the fuck up and realize not every woman alive is as attention seeking as you lot.
    i’m glad niall and barbara are (seemingly) together barbara’s a sweet, funny, and hard working girl.