Ariana Grande Tokyo Japan Arrival

ariana-grande-tokyo-japan-arrival (5)Ariana Grande was showeredd by Japanese fans’ gift @ Narita airport.

  • anon

    Ariana looks just as cute as can be. I saw on the news tumblr how wildly happy fans were to see her. With those big beautiful eyes and playful hairstyle, Ariana must have looked like a real life anime. Her age group knows their French designers, so Arana looking perfect in head to toe Chanel probably pushed that crowd over the edge lol! Keep rocking Ariana.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Literally MFTE… ‘REAL LIFE ANIME’ — she’s like everything Japan loves. Her big eyes, exaggerative hairstyle, heels, skirts and etc are all such anime-style characteristics. No wonder they love her so much :D

      • Caitlyn D

        omg you are so right

  • Why ?

    This girl is so incredibly beautiful with such a beautiful voice.

  • Caitlyn D

    and incredible legs