Unheard 2011 Nick Jonas song ‘Break The Silence’. Is the song about Miley? Apparently, Olivia is skiing with Nicky and friends at Mammoth Mountain right now! + Joe meeting from yesterday.

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  • taty

    I like it!

  • Steph

    niley all the way!!
    it screaaams niley.
    BTS Before The Storm / Break The Silence..
    whoever leaked this video today made my 2013 and made a perfect start for 2014!!

  • Rosemary

    the song is pretty good

  • Ee

    that song that nick writes is about miley we know that is amazing

  • Tash

    Hmmmm 2011. I’d say Selena cos of the final break in 2010. But ya never know. When was delta again?? But I actually think it’s more so a demo he recorded. Probably to give to someone else. Ya’ll know Nicky is a machine and just churns out music. Also this isn’t his style. Even though well done. But wouldn’t really write this for himself.

    • fghjk

      sorry but nick never writes songs about selena it was always miley and that song is about miley because nick loves her like always

      • Tiggs

        Umm have you never herd of stay ? .. like who even are you ..

        • blabla

          omg. there are people,who still believe stay is about selena? i hate miley,but it is truth,nick only loved her and stay is about miley:)

          • honestly

            you are clearly delusional

          • Tiggs

            Yeah cause miley was the one at the concert balling her eyes out right ? Miley wasn’t even on nicks radar when that song came out ..

    • taty

      lol even selena confess she was a seatfiller until miley came back to him. please him and his brother confess miley is the one he loves always. stop trying to make nelena it was never real love. and stay was about miley she has a song that talks about stay and nick is answering her stay song. I wont be surprise if he answerd wrecking ball songs, they are so good about singing to each other!
      nick god tham why didn’t you put this song instead of those other dumb songs, this is actually really good the beat the voice everything this is the one that could had been a hit!

      • Tash

        Relax. I was only trying to figure it out and be logical. I even asked if it could be this person or that and I even threw in that it probably was a random demo. Yoh, you are the one who is desperately trying to make niley happen when the chick even wanted to marry someone else and didn’t even go back to nick and he didn’t even drop Olivia for miley even though nolivia was so fresh when miam ended.

  • Tash

    I think nick was kinda over miley until he heard she was getting hitched and the nostalgia kicked in and he had that moment of potentially accepting it was over forever. It’s common.

  • yo

    My gahhh I need the rest of the song

    • Ki

      I like it, too. Is it going to be a video or what?

  • getlikemiley

    I find it funny that he would deny everything in interviews and give a snard remark about her like she wasn’t good enough and him and his brothers acted snoody about it and when she moved on here he is crying about it.

  • dede

    omg this is so about miley, aww he still loves her how convenient the song is been leaked now, bye bye Olivia nick still has feeling for miley.
    the part about him saying that his love for her aint dying, and he is screaming inside for her, and the part about she stood there, remember the award show were they stood standing looking at each other recently. omg he still loves her he letting her know thru this song by leaking it, so Olivia is clueless awww.. am roting for miley and nick I hope at least one couple makes it in Disney it will be unique and keep the witch selena awayfrom both of you nick and miley. envious girl like her just need to be keep away far, because nick and miley will be huge if together! supporting each other but I don’t know about now.

  • Sublime

    Demi maybe? “I wanna hold you tight but I know it’s not right”

    • taty

      demi ewwww sorry, demi really, she got nothing on miley,
      she has been single and the same time he was they could had dated and they didn’t, I think he hangs out with demi to find the scoop on miley, because she best friend of miley.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    I actually like that song.