Taylor Swift Changes Ocean Coastline

taylor-swift-ocean-coastlineTaylor Swift is rearranging the rocky coastline in front of her Rhode Island home. A surfer told The Day: ‘That’s completely illegal.’ The changes to the ocean bottom will impact the quality of surfing there.

Taylor has not obtained one single permit from the town for the cliff work, which could well be among the largest construction projects in Westerly right now. The wall they’ve built is so big you could practically see it from Block Island on a clear day.

There are no posted permits at the street and no contractor signs at the site or on any of the equipment. Guard posted at the drive identified the contractor as Cherenzia Excavation. The project is reportedly costing multi-millions.

Swift contractors do have a permit from the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council, which regulates work within 200 feet of the ocean. They plucking and moving around big ocean boulders, but they have added a..

..whole new line of rock sea wall on what had previously been a public beach, at a location that appears to be below mean high tide. ALSO, Taylor has been named 2013’s Tennessean Of The Year by The Tennessean. She is also rumored to be living in London, England ext year to work on her new album, possibly near ex-boyfriend Harry Styles.

UPDATE: Permits were issued to Taylor Swift on November 6 for ‘riprap revetment repair’ and ‘landscaping 128 feet of new retaining wall’ along the sea wall of her Watch Hill beach house.

The permit allows for the replacement of unsafe rocks and re-setting of existing rocks, as reported by the Westerly Sun in November. ‘It all started during Sandy. The wall sustained damage during Sandy. We’ve done our due diligence. It’s a permitted activity.’

  • Troll

    Spoiled Brat!

  • Asdfghjkl

    I go there all the time in the summer and I can tell you no one surfs. The waves barely ever get big enough where you can surf. It’s her property she can do whatever she wants, the previous owners let people there. Even if it cuts off the beach a little, there’s no much left to walk on after that point anyway.

    • misssterry

      LOLOL stop trolling dude… you keep posting the same comments as “diaNaaaa” and “Anon”. NO she did not have permission & no she does NOT OWN THE WHOLE BEACH. please re-read the damn article. it’s a freaking public beach & she’s re -arranging it for her own good but if we wanted to take a stroll on the beach we wouldn’t be able to cuz “taylor swift” lives there

      • Anon

        No actually. I’m not the same person as those other two people. YES she did have permission, and its nots the whole beach? Its her property. The reason why people are complaining is because they used that path to CUT across to the public beach. She’s just repairing the seawall that was ALREADY there and adding boulders to it. Maybe those people would be content if her house collapsed onto their beloved path of the beach and blocked it. Thats why she’s rebuilding the seawall, I would too if I payed $17 million for my house.

        • misssterry

          “Taylor has not obtained one single permit from the town for the cliff work”. ummm hello? and if i payed 17 mil for my damn house it already better be safe & secured. it might be her property but she doesn’t own the whole goddamn beach.. jeezzzus

          • Anon

            “Swift contractors do have a permit from the Rhode Island Costal Resources Management Council, which regulates work within 200 feet of the ocean.

            Laura Dwyer, a spokeswoman for the Coastal Resources Management Council, said the seawall itself predates Swift’s purchase of the 1930 home – and possibly dates back to the 1938 hurricane that savaged the coast.

            Swift is merely bringing it back up to standard after decades of disrepair, she told MailOnline.”
            She has permission from the city and the right people. And the seawall is going to secure the ground so that her whole house doesn’t slide into the ocean if a storm hits. Of course she doesn’t own the whole beach, which is why she is doing her property. Thumbing down my comments won’t do anything for ya, lol.

          • misssterry

            i don’t have time to read a damn novel and i didn’t thumb you down… but now that you’ve said it! i will!

          • Anon

            If you don’t have time to read the facts then don’t comment. And go ahead, but like I said, that won’t do anything for ya!

  • cerenagee

    Wow this is something I can’t accept. I love Taylor and she’s talented but not talented enough to start messing with mother nature.

  • diaNaaaa

    And not to mention that wall was there before, she’s just rebuilding it. I can’t blame her, with recent hurricanes id probably try as hard as I could to protect my home incase of a storm. She probably wants to keep people from accessing her house too.

  • Anon

    The wall was already damaged by Sandy. She’s actually making it safer by rebuilding the seawall. Her house is right next to the ocean and up on a hill, so if another storm hit it could easily be eroded, which is why she needs it. Its her property and she got permission from the right people. I don’t see what the problem is with her not wanting locals, who would sue her the second they got hurt, on her property.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She better cool it before she have protesters outside her home.

  • Rosemary

    Why can’t Taylor go buy another house where she doesn’t have to do all of this stuff? She’s only thinking about herself. There are tons of houses that would be a perfect fit for her. I don’t get why she HAD to chose this house

  • askdfjasd;lkf

    ‘told the day’
    stopped reading

  • Swifties 4 TayTay

    Common Sense, US, 5 hours ago

    She’s REPAIRING the seawall to HER property. Judging by the video, the other property owners haven’t let their sections of the seawall fall into such disrepair, as previous owners of this place have. The real problem here is shown in this one simple statement in the article…”And Swift’s security guards have begun chasing residents off the sea wall – even though the previous owners allowed locals to use it for decades”,..They were allowed access by the same previous owners who let the seawall decay, so now they think it’s public property.But it just doesn’t work like that and the people need to realize, new owner, new rules, no trespassing.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2531481/Taylor-Swifts-Rhode-Island-home-Watch-Hill-resident-angry-construction.html#ixzz2p8KVUbql