Blind Item: Starlet Addict Getting Help

question-markBlind Gossip: Some people like to use powdered laundry detergent. Some people like to use liquid. What happens if you use too much powder and too much liquid and overload the machine? You wind up with laundry room full of suds that needs to be cleaned up.

This girl has been using too much powder and too much liquid. Fortunately, she has recognized the problem before her machine overflows. She is already getting help privately, and she is not going to make a big deal about it.

We’ve heard some really crazy rumors over the past couple of weeks about her and we are going to address ALL of them at once. Here we go: Her ex does not matter. She never showed up at his house and made a scene. Ticket sales were very good. She does not have some devastating disease.

She isn’t sleeping around. She does not have an STD. She is not pregnant. She did not OD. There was no celebrity intervention. And any outlet that reports ANY of these things is just trying to add drama to the situation.

This girl is talented, she works really hard, and she is one of the nicest people in the business. She is taking care of her health and her well-being. We are rooting for her! Girl:

  • XaskTaylorX

    Selena belina…!

  • Luvitall

    Selena gomez. Spending time w Bieber probably corrupted her. That lupus story sounded fake. Get well Sell!

  • sofreakingobvious

    It’s Selena Gomez duh

  • ashley


  • anonymous

    was that whole crap at the start saying she’s a drug addict? no need to glamorize

    • Duckyhoward15

      She is selena they need to say how cute and sweet she is LOL

  • Emmy

    Watch Miley be the only one not to go to rehab despite the media circus. Honestly, I think people who are the most self-aware will survive.

  • cerenagee

    Obviously about Selena. Wtf?

  • JUG

    Is there any ex-Disney star that does not end up with a drinking or drug problem or perhaps worse, shopping, getting Starbucks and working out all day? What a joke.

    • threelittlebirds

      raven? hilary duff?

  • javi g

    if it is selena witch i doubt. she should get help. but i doubt is selena. also these people are copying the same stories from the star and the enquirer. cmon people she cancels a few shows and for the gossip websites its a drug thing. learn a little bit if there was some drug issue the pros like tmz,radar online,x17 and eonline would have been on top of this story. and would have made new years news already.

    • Nbl

      This is from blind gossip. They are known for getting it right. I trust them more than others like Gossipcop who are just publicist mouth pieces. Cause you know, publicist never lie about their clients.

      • javi g

        again like i said if it is her she should get help. but if not she should sue the fuck out of those tabloids and bloggers.

      • just saying

        Blind gossip got a fuckloads of stuff wrong lately, fyi.

  • Troll

    Selena Gomez! I mean it common. Selena surround yourself with positive people especially Demi Lovato. She’s been sober for three years and on. Surround yourself by those people.

  • tom

    selena Gomez the clue the scene as in her band the scene. the rumors lately has been that she has lupus, she had badd ticket sales, that she was pregnant, I knew it! she always looks a like a two face person now we know what miley meant when she was saying fake people and people cant take their picture with her because of association and they are doing worse than miley herself behind close doors.

    • Zaina777

      Oh, shut the fuck up. Even if she does do drugs at leasr she is seeking help privately as opposed to flaunted her drug use around like Molly Cyrus who thinks doing drugs is a good thing.

      • tom

        oh no you shut up, miley is not fake like selena now you are making excuses for her, now that you see selena is worse than miley and she just giving you the fakest image, selena just made all of you look like a fool, she lied to her fans, she lies constantly she just made all of you look stupid, leave me with miley she honest and don’t fool her fans and she don’t act fake or lie to us and selena is taking worse drugs than miley. your little pricess end up worse than miley behind close door and her fans want to excuse her lying to them. lol
        told yaaaaaaaaa
        miley will always be bett3er than her in everything!!!!

        • Zaina777

          You think Miley is real? Miley is the fakest thing out there.. She didn’t even know who Jay-Z was before or even listened to rap. Now look at her she thinks she is so gangster. She isn’t real at all. Nobody real acts the way she does. She can’t even keep her clothes on let alone get wear the properly the first tim. Miley Cyrus is a fucking phony she thinks doing drugs and masterbating makes her look bad ass. She has no morals. Even if Selena did do drugs she knows her rep and how shameful it could be from sociteites perspective.. Miley thinks it’s cool to be on a role model for kids by doing drugs adnd having sex on stage.

          Hannah Montana will always be what made Miley no matter what. She is now seen as the sweet child star who turned into a desprate hollywood slut. No on takes her seriously. It’s becasue she is there that’s why she is being acknowledged.

          Demi and Selena weren’t even as big as Miley and they know that being seen with drugs is bad.

          • tom

            Are you kidding the song miley sang about jay z was when she was freaking 16, she is 21 are freaking kidding me with this like your taste in music hasn’t change thru the years!! she was been honest she might know him but if you were a fan of miley she like to listen to rb a lot and slow old songs, what she meant is she don’t constantly listen to it! she was been honest and then again she very sarcastic and jokes all time. miley has confess that she had an image with Disney and she try to go by her contract but selena still with Disney and hollywoodd and she acting like a little whore lately how is she a role model she getting toched by her dancer, do butty pop in her concert wears suppert short outfits, do drugs and drinks and she claims she classy at least miley is not saying the same things over and over like selena is doing!!

          • Zaina777

            Can you please use periods? Furthemore she is still fake. At least Selena has morals and acts sane and logical. It doesn’t matter anyway what is important is that Selena is well and conscious of what she is doing.

          • tom

            How is selena using morals? by fucking guys for fame were is the moral in that, by using friend for fame how is the moral in that. by stealing other people boyfriends how is the moral in that. by doing drugs how is the moral in that! by using skimpy outfit and the claiming she classy how is the moral in that? by singing a song about how she like to get fucked to kids not even miley sang about that! how is the moral in that! by getting her boobs, ass, vajaja publicatly noteven miley did that with her boyfriend how is that a good example were is the moral in that! just because her pr keep reapating to people to say she classy so you dumb kids get hypnotized by repeating the same thing which you all obviously doing when in reality the smart know she worst and don’t buy into it doesn’t mean all teen are stupid as selena fans! selena might be the worst role model is just she don’t get notice for the bad because her pr keeps making people say she classy on interview when she isn’t!

          • Zaina777

            Miley is so much worse. She masturbates in front of a camera. As for Selena and her sexuality she keeps it to a minumum in public. Justin proably groped her and she didn’t know what to do. Her personal life is hers and besides the majority of what you said are just rumours. Come and Get is classy in comparisons to Miley’s music.Does she blatanty come out and say let’s have sex? No, she doesn’t only Miley does that.

          • tom

            miley does? lol what you think selena talks about in her songs? about her going down and sex and how sshe wants to be fuck and how to have sex or didn’t you get the song, not to mention she basically singing about prostituting herself on her song saying come and get it when you are reading among other bad lyrics. that aint classy that digusting, which song of miley says that? adore is about loving yourself and having the confident to self love oneself which is very hard for girls to achieve that self esteem or didn’t you get the song. this is why I say sselena fans get hypnotized by Disney pr team and don’t get what song really means selena songs about fucking people miley song about loving yourself and having the self esteem to achieved.

          • Zaina777

            Have you not heard Get it right. Yeah, so classy.

        • fafskjlk

          fuck miley, she glamorizes drugs, thats fucking sick
          *excuse my bad english*

  • Dash

    This is definitely about Selena, and we know that but I don’t think this is true. She seems to much of a good girl to do something like this, experiment with drugs and alcohol yeah sure maybe, we all experiment with something at one point but this is something pretty serious. Even though her and Demi aren’t the closest of friends I have to bring it up, they’ve been friends since they were 7 and that kind of bond just doesn’t completely disappear, If Selena was really doing this and Demi is the most honest friend Selena claims to have then Demi of all people would’ve said something. I think the only thing Selena is really going through right now is being overwhelmed and she’s one of those celebrities that as much as they say the hate doesn’t bother them you can tell it still does. This story just seems fake though.

    • lorde

      are you kidding, remember when demi was always smiling and happy and laughting, doesn’t it remind you of how selena has been acting all this months, the happy drugs, she been doing drugs for a while she acting like how demi acted when she was on drugs, she plays a part, her image is to act like a good girl because miey damage her image with wat the hacker did she has always tried to replace miley in everything but she suck because she don’t have the talent miley has, selena basically suck at everything while miley is a great artist in singing and everything she does goes to #1 and selena is so jelouse she cant accomplish that! so she has to play the part Disney assigned her but look at selena history using people, using friend for fame copying other artist, dating it guys and dropping them when their fame start to go down nd she does the same with friends, wanting everything miley has! she basically does everything miley does but people over look things with her, and she lies and lies and lies, is a part honey selena is mean she the type that throws the rock and blame the other person so they get screw, how can her fans not see it!!

      • Dash

        I know but I just meant you know when you have that one friend that no matter what even if it’s been a long time and you haven’t talked if they called you randomly after a couple months you would still be there for them, I think that’s how they are together and Demi has been through this so I was just saying that I think Demi of all people would’ve been the one to tell her not to get in to that. Selena even went with Demi to support when Demi went to a rehab event to speak about what she went through, I just dont see Selena doing this especially how she saw it effected Demi.

    • jinx

      Really, you’re just being naive and blind. This is HOLLYWOOD, drugs is something very common among stars because they get it so easily. What do you mean by “Demi would’ve said something”? Demi would never say anything about Selena’s addiction in public because that’s SELENA’S problem, you just can’t go and spread secrets about your friend for the whole world. If Selena wanted, she would say herself, but clearly she won’t because she’s too “private” and has a problem to admit her mistakes to the public. Seriously, Selena stans are sometimes way to blind. Get in your head that Selena is not some little angel, just because someone looks too “good” in front of cameras and interviews, it doesn’t mean they don’t do bad stuff. Remember of Demi and Miley when they were 14, they smoked weed at that age and NO ONE ever thought they would be doing this, because they looked too “innocent and good”. In Hollywood, everything you see about celebs on camera is different from their real life. Get over it.

  • kurty

    I told ya! sele
    pretend to be nice and she is not, she a two face to steal what you have and she not happy unless she ruined what you have, am glad selena real self is slowly turning up. she not as nice she acting a part.
    miley is the nicer one!! and selena is the witch who is jelouse of miley.

    • Cici

      Dumb af.

  • kurty

    I knew I was right. selena is two face person. I will love to see her go back to all those people she try to play innocent by fooling them and explaining her fake image and taking credit for lying to everyone, probably why she trying to hide it, she going to make miley look so good, she going to look stupid, probably why she trying to hide it.

  • javi g

    my god. theres a lot of ignorant kids here. if selena has a drug problem she should work it privately. and to all of you behaving like little kids. grow up who cares if miley is better than selena. you have to thank miley’s managers and new record company for that. miley is just another corporate puppet. this is a serious issue not a laughing matter.

  • lolumadhuh

    when you’re ready come and get it!

  • Lucy

    I honestly think that she (Selena, obviously) may have lupus. There are no proofs of her being an addict (Star & NI don´t count, firstly bc they have no proof, secondly bc they aren´t reliable AT ALL), BG has been saying it for a while, but sorry, if you believe everything they say, you are just freaking dumb. They also claimed about a year ago that Demi was in rehab in time when she was actually seen hanging out w/ Nick (& Sia personally tweeted about hanging out w/ her as well). And that´s just one example when they obviously got it wrong. While I´m not saying that there´s a proof of her having lupus, they are many possible indications – her collapse in 2012, her constantly visiting doctors, that eczema near her collar-bone, her not seeming well lately (lupus has to do w/ your mental health as well) & now looking much happier when she isn´t in stress. Of course, I may be totally wrong, but if I were to believe any of the rumors, I certainly find the disease one more believable than this one. I don´t think that Selena is innocent & she may have tried something, but I doubt this BI is true and no, I´m not her stan.

    • Lucy

      Oh and obviously I forgot the most important thing – her face getting bloated. That´s a common symptom of lupus as well. Plus, it´s possible that she´s on Prednison & that does it to your face as well. And I totally know what I´m talking about as unfortunately, I have to use it myself.

  • dea

    omg this is so about miley, aww he still loves her how convenient the song is been leaked now, bye bye Olivia nick still has feeling for miley.

    the part about him saying that his love for her aint dying, and he is screaming inside for her, and the part about she stood there, remember the award show were they stood standing looking at each other recently. omg he still loves her he letting her know thru this song by leaking it, so Olivia is clueless awww.. am roting for miley and nick I hope at least one couple makes it in Disney it will be unique and keep the witch selena awayfrom both of you nick and miley. envious girl like her just need to be keep away far, because nick and miley will be huge if together! supporting each other but I don’t know about now
    break the silence by nick Jonas this song can be a hit! this what the Jonas brother should had brought out! this will had been #1

  • Sara

    EVERYONE. This is why Demi and Selena have become closer in the past couple of weeks! Obviously they were already close because of being lifelong friends, but you can not deny their friendship has been more public lately(tweets, FaceTime,etc.) Selena is probably struggling with a minor addiction which is how Demi and her are relating. For those of you who think Selena is “too good” for drugs etc., wake up. It’s Hollywood, and many stars, including Demi, talk about how often you are offered/around drugs like cocaine etc.. It would be very understandable if this was happening. Good for her for taking the time to gain control back before it gets worse!

  • Mila

    She’s following in the path of her favorite star Britney.

    How long before she shaves her head and attacks the paps with an umbrella?

  • Some Dude

    This fits Selena. But like, I never got that vibe from her. She doesn’t seem like the type with an addictive personality or a need to do drugs. *sigh*

    • olav

      Its taylor swift.

  • K


  • boystan