Demi Lovato Niagara Falls New Year’s

demi-niagara-falls-new-years (4)Demi Lovato performing New Year’s Eve concert @ Niagara Falls. Videos under!

  • myself

    Sooo ulgy!! looks like a boy!!

  • myself

    But amazing voice!! Ugly clothes, boring on stage but amazing voice

    • Katie Roy

      these songs aren’t really the type to be running around on stage…

  • anonymous

    she looks ridiculous like one of her students on the fail factor

  • XaskTaylorX

    Why was everyone I saw wearing black?!? Lol. Isn’t it supposed to be happy ringing in the new year and not as if you were going to a funeral?

    • anonymous


  • Ernest Stuart

    boring..her voice is out of the tune….but I like her song.

  • Troll

    Demi Lovato performance is amazing. This girl can sing! This is why I love her. For the black, the black is the new winter trend in Canada and it is awesome!

  • Some Dude

    Skyscraper was perf

  • soft ghetto

    why is she in canada doing NYE?