Joe Jonas Happy New Year Las Vegas

joe-jonas-happy-new-year-las-vegasDJ Joe Jonas & Blandie celebrate New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. Vid under!

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  • anonymous

    Stop mentioning her! this is about JOE blender is NOT a celebrity OU!!
    Also wasn’t it in Los Angeles?

    • anonymous

      OU is either kissing her ass, or whoever makes these posts,know the drama that comes with mentioning her.So pathetic either way

    • Fghjk

      Sorry but it was in los angeles in cleo

  • The Real QueenBee

    They’re not in Vegas you idiots! They’re in LA!

  • Rashinda

    Why do you always have to include Joe’s gf.For once can you just write about Joe.Blanda is not famous and doesn’t deserve the amount of attention she is getting.Joe is annoying me now,letting her make everything about her… he needs to get some balls and stand up for himself.And stop liking every damn thing she is in on IG and following everyone she knows.Is he that whipped!? they even come on at the same time,and if one likes a pic,the other does the same? especially at events.They are such a clingy couple.I have now unfollowed both of them.Got so sick of it

    • anonymous90

      I hate how she always tries to steal the spotlight from Joe or doesn’t even support him.Forget the damn hate,and post a pic of Joe djing or something!? I know Olivia would if that was Nick.She acts like such a saint,but she is just kissing everyone’s ass,so they are now blind to her

    • Ghjbkmm

      Haha joe jonas and blanda they dont care if You follow or not they dont care about that besides they dont know You so whats the problem?

  • Anon

    It was in LA not Las Vegas.

  • annie

    Blender cares more about herself and getting attention than Joe.Yet he is so,like the other commenter said,WHIPPED! that he can’t see it! and I love how Nick spent his NY skiing with NO pictures or Candids.Yet Joe goes to an event and guess who the majority of the pics are of!? yeah Blender.Joe has become a joke

  • gina

    y’all are practically the same person omfg y’all are saddd and janda are perfect

  • Ina

    jealous ass bitches they are perfect STAY PRESSED

  • Michelleg3323

    It’s good that they spend a lot of time with each other and are having fun and are happy. Whoever hates them for it doesn’t matter.

  • anon

    Haha Blanda taking pics of the crowd? how about take a picture of your BF!?

  • boystan

    i was in vegas for new years lol