Justin Bieber Shirtless @ Toronto Club

justin-bieber-shirtless-clubbing-torontoJustin Bieber went shirtless dancing with his bros @ Time nightclub on Dec. 30 and Muzik nightclub on Dec. 31 in Toronto. Bieber rang in new year shirtless and banging bitches. The Canadian singer’s new film Believe is currently flopping worldwide.

  • Maria

    is it just me or that other guy over there is getting blowed

    • Alii

      By a bald guy.

    • cerenagee

      Hahahaha totally.

    • tala m

      why would any get a blowjob in a public placebwhere EVERYONE can see him like stfuu

      • Godney

        People do it alot tho… its exciting

  • cerenagee

    Biebs actually looks hott AF here.

    • Godney

      not to me… not with that “mustache”

      • cerenagee

        the bod, yes. the stache, no.

        • Godney

          He sure has a good body… but i dont like his face, specially when he makes the “oh what is that so far away” face… maybe is because i am older than he is.
          But he does has a good body.

  • soft ghetto

    and he still looks like a douche even in the dark, biebs can never win.

    • Username

      Yeah he can’t, cunts like you will find every day something to talk shit about him, hop off his dick already man

      • soft ghetto

        lol obvi you’re the one who needs to get off his dick if me calling him a douche causes you so much stress and anger that you feel the need to act like a crazy bitch ass towards me. grow the fuck up and realize that not everybody is going to like your precious bieber. just bc you don’t agree with me, doesn’t make me a cunt but it does make you pathetically immature.

        • Username

          Lol at you. Being so judgemental of someone you know nothing about is what makes YOU immature you dumbass, why do you care so much about Bieber if you don’t like him? I don’t worship him as his fans, he’s cool and has good songs some of them, that’s it. Idgaf do you like him, I found your comment pathetic and ignorant , you are simply biased because you hate him lol, that’s the only pathetically immature thing here. Being so upset how does someone look like and hating them for it? Sorry but you just sound like a man low life fucker right now. Grow up.

          • anonymous

            ‘Being so judgemental of someone you know nothing about’

            that’s ridiculous. what more do you need to know?

          • soft ghetto

            just because I think he looks like a douche means that I hate him? bitch stop putting words in my mouth and don’t you get it twisted. I may not like him, but I’m no hater, I’ve defended him before and I’ll prob do it again. It doesn’t change my opinion on him looking douchey though. You’ve got the nerve to attack me over my own opinion and call me a cunt over something so petty, but you’re the one rambling on about being judgmental. Maybe you should evaluate your own actions and words before throwing around the word “low life” because you’re looking like one right now. I’m never the type to start throwing profanities around over a comment I don’t agree with, but since you’ve showed me how much of an ignorant piece of shit you are by starting this whole thing, I have no problem attacking you right back. This is a gossip site that’s open to all opinions, and if you disagreed with me maturely then I would’ve been cool with it. I can’t believe that there’s some crazy ass people in the world like you that think it’s okay to be calling someone a cunt bc they don’t agree with them.

  • ivan

    what’s the big deal; it’s allowed in a hot club. Other celebrities are shown without shirts a lot such as other teen idols; as for banging bitches, you mean like your favorite, Harry? Were you there watching him bang bitches? Nothing else to trash him about?

  • ivan

    At least he’s not having his thing serviced in public as rock and rap stars have done on stage; a case in point is Machine Gun Kelly who had a girl perform oral sex on him at a concert; where is the report on that?

  • Marcus Farias

    Krystle Kisman is ugly

  • honestly

    I’m at that point of life where I’m just waiting for his sex tape to leak…

  • HTown

    Loling hard at the pressed Selena stan always bringing up how for once Bieber has flopped, lol but their fave Gomez is flopping her entire career even after using Bieber for publicity but no she’s a Goddess. Stay happy for a year usual Bieber haters, it’s obvious his antics affected his sales, but don’t worry. He’ll be back and you pressed bitches will see the slay, just like every star should go from the spotlight and mature a bit he will too.

    • rme

      shut up im not even a selena stan at all but he deserves to flop anyway

  • boystan


  • lol

    This was at a gay club! HAHA

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    So fucking hot.