Miley Cyrus Ryan Seacrest Lips Kiss

miley-ryan-secreast-kiss-pictureBisexual Miley likes it both way kissing Ryan Seacrets on New Year’s.


  • ℒℴℴヅ

    Ewww She Sucks ._.

  • Mila

    A kiss between two gays <3

    • Wat

      Ryan’s gay????

      • cerenagee

        no hes not. there is a lot of speculation but he is straight.

        • .


  • dede

    that was a kick kiss there is a video and it was a fast kiss quick peck. so what everyone does it among friends.

  • :)


  • Cici


  • w/e

    who cares?? its new years?? when it hits 12:00 tradition goes you kiss the person next to you. People down in times square do it every year with people they don’t know. he was standing with miley, blondie, and macklemore and ryan lewis.

  • boystan

    what to heck

  • BrokenArrow18