Harry Styles Kendall Jenner @ Mammoth

haylor-ski-tripHarry Styles and Kendall Jenner’s true love is growing stronger and deeper like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? Harry was spotted to his new love Kendall in Mammoth Mountain today. Nicholas Jonas and soon to be fiancee Olivia Culpo just left after doing a romantic photo shoot. True real love is in the winter air! Harry also met Larry King in LA last night.

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    • Duckyhoward15

      Harry girls love ocean up

    • boystan


  • anon


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  • Just no.

    Again, I’m not a fan of 1D and don’t have a problem with the boys dating in general, but if this isn’t a PR stunt, Harry can do SO MUCH BETTER. I mean a Kardashian/Jenner? At least Taylor had the dignity of her name not being associated with being a gold digger for fame. I mean, come on. Have some class, Harry.

    • Anon

      He went from a 7-time Grammy award winner to someone who’s known because of her sister’s sex tape. Major downgradeee.

  • BangBang

    Who’s Lizzie Cox and why is this important?

    • i see you

      Look at the DATE. Not the name. Like with Taylor was a PR move, it’s the same with Kendall. Same dates, but exactly a year apart. Management is showing.

      • Duckyhoward15

        Also Lizzie is related to sam cox who works for modest

      • BangBang

        Oh okay now I get it. Thanks!

      • anon

        Please explain how a date correlates with publicity….we will wait…

        • i see you

          They’ll do the same stunts around the same time every year. Start the year off with talk, album or tour, breakup, new girlfriend, breakup, single but dating, album, awards and appearances, and eventually, the entire year will have been a lot to talk about with whichever star you’re pushing. It’s very calculated. Much more than we know about.

          • anon

            You do have a point, but the entire music industry operates in quarters. First quarter is jan/feb/mar. Second is apr/may/june. Third is the next three months after June and the fourth quarter is in the winter. It just may so happen that 1D likes to put their music out during the first quarter. They’re followed the entire year, just because they happen to start a relationship during a time where their music normally follows does not really support your notion that these two are together for publicity.

  • 1dfan

    i think this is more real than haylor tbqh. kendall looks genuinely happy in the picture.

    as for the same dates, i think it’s just a coincidence.

    some fans need to stop using “modest” or “management” as an excuse like seriously if he’s dating her, then who the fuck cares if it’s real or not, because even if its real you people would still be calling them fake so poor harry for having other strangers label what his sexual orientation is.

  • Godney

    Kendall looks so pretty here!

  • dhwjsjdnfi

    Or maybe they actually like each other stfu with this publicity stunt shit. Y’all know nothing about Hollywood and I can tell by the way you think managers control the artist like a dog on a leash, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The manager works for the artist. This means that the artist can fire the manager! Oh, why? Because the artist is the managers boss, you idiots. Tired of seeing 1D fans with their “management is forcing them to do this” bullshit! Shut the hell up. There are far less publicity stunts than you think. They are not a common thing. And both of them have absolutely nothing to promote!!!

  • kla

    every story I have read about them I’ve said “hmm that’s just like him and taylor..” the first time we saw them together was leaving an NYC hotel together..just like him and taylor did. then there was a story saying that they “talk up to 30 times a day” just like this story http://oceanup.com/2012/12/31/haylor-bedroom-skype-sessions/#.Usg0J7mA3IU and then the skiing thing and now apparently they’re over because of he called her boring http://hollywoodlife.com/2013/12/29/harry-styles-kendall-jenner-boring-relationship-over/ exactly like why him and taylor broke up http://oceanup.com/2013/03/13/harry-styles-called-taylor-fcking-boring/#.Usgz2LmA3IU its just all too similar like at least change it up..