Justin Bieber WORST Dressed Star 2013

justin-bieber-brothel-visit (108)Canadian singer Justin Bieber has been named the Worst Dressed Celebrity in a new poll: ‘It was very easy to pick who was this year’s Worst Dressed, it just had to be Justin Bieber.

I mean when he decides to actually wear some clothes they are truly awful, his trousers always seem to be hanging round his ankles. Those stupid shoes he wears as well really get on my nerves, why does he have to wear stuff like that? Just why?’

PromotionalCodes.org.uk who conducted the research stated: ;2013 has seen some fantastic fashion highlights, but also some shocking fashion faux pas. Who could forget the disastrous maternity outfits Kim Kardashian wore or Miley Cyrus’ horrendous skin coloured bikini during the now infamous twerking incident.’

Do YOU think Worst Dressed 2013 should be Miley or Bieber?

  • JUG

    Pretty sure that Adidas would disagree. Adidas hired Justin to endorse its NEO Label brand of shoes. Probably paid him millions.

    • johnny

      And……… He still cant dress.

  • Anna

    can’t be Miley because how could she be worst dressed if she is never dressed? Some days justin is dressed nicely, others he’s not…like in the picture you posted. Don’t know why he dresses like that sometimes or what he is possibly thinking, I think he may do it to piss some people off because he finds it humorous. Surprised lady gaga wasn’t titled worst dressed because I feel like that’s what she always tries to go for.

  • Anon

    Do YOU think Worst Dressed 2013 should be Miley or Bieber?

    Both, tbh.

  • Geo. Logic

    Justin and Selena were apparently riding segways together today- it’s on TMZ with pics.

  • soft ghetto

    oh god, I always heard it was bad but I had no idea how tragic those pants really were until now.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Waiting on OU to make a post about Selena and Justin hanging out, forget about how bad he dresses. We all have eyes we’ve noticed.

  • boystan

    well deserved