Miley Bloated New Year’s ‘Likes Kellan’

miley-cyrus-bloated-new-years (19909)Miley Cyrus, who looked bloated and ill in unedited New Year’s photos, is dating Kellan Lutz but not seriously, reports E! News. Source: ‘She likes him a lot. There are a lot of similarities between Kellan and Liam. He is her type.’ Kellan spent New Year’s with friends in Grenada in the Caribbean. PRP.

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    PLEASE DO NOT DO COCAINE. molly, pot, cigarettes and alcohol are enough to kill you! :(

    • anonymous

      her mom’s enough to kill herself

      • :)

        You’re a pig! I can see your parents raised you well.

        • Alii

          You’re one to talk.

          • :)

            Right back at ya sis!!!! lmao

      • Mila

        Lol, I like Miley, but this is accurate.

  • dina

    “Miley Cyrus, who looked bloated and ill in unedited New Year’s photos” – reaching much? or just jealous? Post a pic of yourself…

  • a

    baby is crying in the first pic :(

  • :)

    Hey OU, your head’s bloated. Pressed bitches!

  • cerenagee

    Good for her. I think she should date guys. Kellan is hott too. Just hope he’s not using her.

  • asdfghjkl

    i feel like he’s using her, but idk

  • Anon

    Only dating kellan cause he reminds her of Liam. How cute!

  • May

    This is why I hate OceanUp! You pick one photo where she looks a little different and immediately try to sell us these “facts” that are completely untrue. She had a cold and went out in the freezing weather to sing for everyone that was there, relax yourselves

  • boystan

    who doesn’t he’s fucking hot