Nick Jonas Crazy Drinking New Year’s

Nick Jonas pictured after drinking champagne :\ + video of Joe at midnight!


    hope he doesn’t go to rehab before miley.. he needs to go to aa with selena and joe asap

  • yas

    Diabetic gone wild

  • lol

    #healthUpdate #diabeticinshape

  • yo

    I should have taken his shirt off

  • Em

    Oh please, he didn’t do anything crazy or anything illegal. He’s 21 it’s legal for both him and Olivia to drink. He went out with an entire group of friends and they went to a party at a resort in Mammoth where he was skiing. Looks like he had fun.

    • cerenagee

      MFTE, OU as well as other users on her are being ridiculous.

  • cerenagee

    God damn OU’s comment is so fucking immature. They are 21 year old adults people not teenagers they are allowed to fucking drink ESPECIALLY on new years.

  • liza

    That’s what he is learning from her! OMG Nick you can’t be drinking like that! you are diabetic remember?

    • Em

      I’m DIABETIC. And for the hundredth time, diabetic’s can drink alcohol. You need to be careful but I enjoy a drink just like anyone else. Here’s another shocker. You can have sugar too. Obviously too much of anything is not good and someone who is diabetic just needs to test often. If your blood sugar is high you take insulin to bring it down, if it’s low then you eat or take some type of fast acting glucose. Obviously there is more to it than that, but that’s the basics. I’m so tired of seeing fans judge him differently because he has diabetes.

  • liza

    Poor man! that’s not good for him, I mean he is not a normal guy you know? He takes medicine.

  • liza

    He looks funny tho… drunk!

  • Eye Roll

    He’s not a party animal. It was New Year Eve. He went out to a party like almost any other 21 year old. He looks like he’s having fun, let’s all blow it out of proportion now. Fans either rag on him for being boring and too serious and the moment he smiles or has fun he’s “drunk” or irresponsible And don’t bring up the fact that he’s diabetic. I have diabetes and you can drink alcohol. You have to be careful but when has Nick ever not been responsible. Cut the guy some slack.

  • Jug

    According to the Mayo clinic, diabetics can drink although there is some increased risk:

    “If you’re on insulin, or certain oral diabetes medications, such as a sulfonylurea (glipizide, glyburide) or meglitinide (Prandin) that stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin, drinking alcohol can cause a dangerous low blood sugar because your liver has to work to remove the alcohol from your blood instead of its main job to regulate your blood sugar.”

    Nick is always trying to be a good role model, including by tweeting out a shirtless pic of himself to prove that diabetics can (if they have the time) workout non-stop and get his gym body. So I am a bit surprised that he is publicly drinking. But at 21, you don’t want to always be a role model, especially when there’s no project to promote.

    • Em

      The point is, that no one commenting on her knows how much he drank or that he was irresponsible in any way. Nick has never said that he was a Role Model, but he has also never done anything that in my opinion makes him a bad influence. He’s of legal drinking age. He’s diabetic, yes, but that doesn’t mean he can’t drink responsibly. He is in great shape. I think it time fans stop trying to make celebrities in to these “Perfect” icons. They aren’t perfect. No one is. He’s 21 and enjoying life. It’s time fans let him live his own life and stop judging every little thing they see a picture of.

      • JUG

        You’re right that Nick never said he wanted to be a role model. He said that his motivation for releasing his shirtless pic was to be an inspiration. He said this to MTV:

        “No, I didn’t really to be honest,” Jonas said in response to whether he thought the picture would spark such reaction. “Like I said in the picture, I never do that, and there are a lot of people running around without their shirts on these days so I didn’t want to just add to the noise, but I felt like as a diabetic its twice as hard to stay in shape…so I just wanted to be an inspiration to those people…it’s been a pretty hilarious reaction”

  • k

    I want Nick to marry Olivia. They’re perfect together

  • Some Dude

    How does this prove he was “crazy drinking” tho

  • Mila

    This is crazy and wild?

    Everyone is copying Miley now.

  • I dontgetit

    I have no idea why anyone would be upset about this. It was New Years. You’re allowed to have fun and party on the holidays. Even without it being a holiday he can fun, just as long as it’s not consistent. It’s not he’s plastered 24-7 It’s Nick. Aka Mr President, Mr buttoned up, Jonas. He’s 21, he was having fun with his friends, and didn’t drink and drive, so who cares? What’s funny to me is that people are twitter are raging over this, but no one batted an eyelash when Jake T Austin, who’s under age, /did/ drive drunk, crashed his car, and then fled the scene.

  • boystan

    he’s drinking he’s the new lindsay