Blanda & Joe Jonas Back At Chateau

blanda-new-haircutJoe Jonas and his beautiful girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler head out of Chateau Marmont in HollywoodJoe Jonas and girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler head out of Chateau Marmont in Hollywood where rumors of his drug use began when he was seen with Demi Lovato’s addiction counselor. Photos: PacificCoastNews. Do YOU like Blanda’s new split bangs hairstyle?

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  • K

    Yay, a new irrelevant Joe post

    • GentileJewel

      To you maybe! I love seeing Joseph!:)

    • jjj

      Says the sad anon shutup hun

  • anon

    Blanda’s fug. It’s unreal how beautiful Joe is….. absolutely gorgeous. Ugh he could do soo much better. Must be embarrassing when your boyfriend is better looking than you are

    • GentileJewel

      I agree! But she is happy with taking and using his money! So! She must be low!

    • anon

      If we go by biology and animals etc men/males are meant to be pretty, big and strong so they can compete with other males for the female. The female is meant to choose the best “male” to reproduce.

    • ty

      boyfriend better looking then you are?what are you talking about sorry but looks that has nothing to do with love please that post is sooooo ridiculous

  • Mel

    just keep taking more of his money it’s all you’re really good at doing anyway
    fucking user pathetic

    • nins

      you’re literally dumb though like the girl has a fuckin job while the other two one was a hairdress ans the other one is an ex beauty pageant like how sad are you all?

  • Mollie

    not gonna lie blanda is so much better than olivia! Olivia always loves the limelight and is always smiling and stuff where as blanda mostly has hehe head down

    • Mel

      has her head down ? doesn’t like the limelight ? if she really did those two things she wouldn’t look in the cameras or have a PR manager right now she has you all fooled ha ha ha

    • anon

      LOL it’s the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. Blanda is always looking into the camera and smiling while Joe is looking uncomfortable. She talks about him in almost every interview and she wouldn’t be getting interviews if it werent for him. She said in one interview that she looks down at the ground while paps are around, but that’s false. Before that interview came out, she always looks at the camera. But after the interview was published, she then started looking at the ground and casually posed for the paps. Olivia was Miss USA, Miss Universe. It was her job to be in the limelight.

      • klso

        LOLL have you seen the candid? oh you’re an ugly nick stan way up in his ass now i get it

        • anon

          I think she’s actually a Joe stan, Nick stans hate Olivia.

  • gjgyjj

    wow joe jonas is soooooo gorgeous

  • boystan

    i have this love/hate relationship with joe’s looks bc sometimes he’s like very very ugly but then another times he’s like incredibly hot wth

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      THIS. so true

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      he looks hot here.

  • lesl

    joeeeeeeeeeeeeee omfgggggg he looks so hotttt

  • naya

    i like them.. they look cute theyre not as attention seekers as the other two

  • XaskTaylorX

    She looks better I guess. See you tomorrow with another Janda article!

  • JJ456

    She is very pretty with her new hairdo. Joe is hot as always.

  • Laura Jonas