Kate Winslet ‘Miley Has Lost Her Way’

"New Year's Rockin' Eve 2014" with Miley Cyrus, Icona Pop,  Macklemore and Blondie in Concert in Times Square in New York City - December 31, 2013Kate Winslet is concerned young stars like Miley Cyrus have ‘lost their way’. She told The Mirror: ‘You hear horror stories where you think, ‘God, who’s looking after these people and why does it seem like they’re losing their way?’

I mean, you think about someone like Miley Cyrus, and I said to my daughter the other day, ‘I’m this close to opening my mouth about what’s going on with that girl’. Who is actually saying, ‘Stop for a second, what do you want, who are you?’

I’ve just been very lucky that I’ve always been quite comfortable with who I am. Sometimes people ask, ‘What do you wish for your children?’ and all I say is, ‘I want them to be happy being them’. It’s really rough now. I think, for young actors, actresses and pop stars, it’s a nightmare. They can’t do anything.

I’m so not going near that whole world, I don’t need it. I do feel incredibly lucky. Being a mom of three she is frightened by the impact of the internet on her kids, Mia, 13, Joe, 10, and newborn baby Bear:

‘We live in a world where we have to be aware of all this stuff, unfortunately. & it’s feeding this young generation in a way that’s beyond terrifying, so normal friendships aren’t even normal friendships any more because, half the time, they seem to be forging relationships with people they’ve never met.’

  • taty

    I think miley is more in control than people think. she playing the game she knows what she needs to do to get to the level she wants and she does it. everyone who has work with her have said how extremely mature she is behind close door and the persona she shows is a character,hell she has confess herself is strategic, and she has said it but people still on denial. she knows what she doing and she aint afraid to do what needs to be done. she is who she is and she is the one dealing her own car into her future she playing the cards her way this time not anyone, which probably is why she took so long to go with a records company she was choosing her manager and company carefully, she had the time to be choosy because she already made the money when she was young, she grabbed exactly the people she wanted to work with and her fame quality of her previous hard work paid off. she has transfer better than demi and selena oh wait they are older and they still with the kiddie company Hollywood records from Disney they haven’t made the transition without Disney they still nobody while miley is playing with the big girls now. I think miley knows exactly what she doing!

    • anon

      No. She thinks* she’s in control. The fact that she would resort to being literal trash on stage and that someone convinced her that she wantssss to do this is the problem. You should never compromise your self respect for some attention, never.

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      But Miley’s family has said this is who she is, that this isn’t an act. “She’s finally getting to be who she is.” Then people she work with are saying this is a strategic act. So it seems everyone surrounding Miley (including herself) is lying because none of it makes sense. Even if it’s ‘strategic’ it’s sad as fuck, the only strategic move she need is to be talented, why is she seeking so much attention? Nothing strategic about it, it’s a fucking disaster is what it is.

      • GentileJewel

        Miley’s family is messed up! You do know that! Right?

    • Emmy

      I completely agree. People think she’s going insane, but I think she’s doing just fine. I’m in college and I know people who act just as crazy (and crazier) than she does. They’re enjoying life while they can afford to do it (when they’re young). In fact, Miley has always come across to me as the most self-aware person of the Disney group. That’s why I think she’ll be fine. She knows what she’s doing and she’s honest about it. What helps her so much is that she has an artistic point of view, something that both Demi and Selena lack. Miley can transcend genres, I’d love to see her sing anything from rock to r&b to folk to hip-hop to pop. Her versatility sets her up for a long career in the entertainment industry. I’m excited for her. People can complain all they want, but we all know she was a huge star before the controversy and she’s still a huge star afterwards. She just has the star power, the charisma, and the talent. You can’t deny it.

      • GentileJewel

        Can and wil! You need Help!

    • Clauber

      Then its worst. If she is acting like that just for money and attention, she is not considering that her fans really believe that she is like that. And if she is so mature, then she should acting mature and stop to wear that stupid costume, cuz she is always saying that she is so authentic, SO its a bic contradictory to say that she is just acting, isnt it?

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Demi and Selena are better off than Miley is .

      Selena is a great actress who could someday win an oscar .

      Demi is a great singer who could one day win a grammy .

      Miley is an awful actress and an Ok singer,her controversy is the only reason she is relevant , not her music. She sells because of what she does to push the boundary ,point blank.

  • JUG

    Miley is the product of a generation where being famous and being rich are the most important goals. All actions taken to achieve those goals seem acceptable. And if someone has temerity to question whether a young star has gone too far, the standard response is always that the star is “young” or “just being himself/herself”. If that’s true, then society is fucked because it celebrates hard-partying, drinking, smoking and proud drug using celebs who will do anything and everything for more fame and fortune. Alternatively, if the star is just playing a “role”, then we’re even more fucked because we celebrate big phonies who go out of their way to set a bad example for young people.

    We have to save ourselves and start supporting real young artists with real talent who do draw lines as to what they will/will not do for fame and fortune.

    • taty

      miley has explained herself she does things so people can watch and then see she has vocals she playing the game, which she very good at, she want her music heard and once she has the credibility she will tamed she just staring and you obviously haven’t been to college lately because she acting like a college girl party and everything she doing a lot of the majority of the people are doing it, just not in front of the camera! go to a club miley is just normal why crucify her having a little fun she works hard she plays hard

      • JUG

        Student debt is at record highs. Youth unemployment in US is over 16%, over 24% in Europe. It’s a myth that everyone is partying in college and is carefree at 21. A myth created by Hollywood and Miley and Justin who have never been to college. Reality is that most college students are working hard to get good grades, working part time jobs to pay tuition, doing volunteer work and unpaid internships to beef up the résumé to improve their chances of getting a job. Still, many end up back at home after college because they are saddled with debt and can’t find a reasonable paying job.

        So NO. The hard-partying life portrayed by Miley and Justin and the life of leisure led by Nick, Joe, Ashley, Vanessa and Kylie Jenner have no basis in reality for most young people.

        If you’re college experience is different – you get to party all the time and wear designer clothing, then good for you.

        • Anon

          Finally someone has said it. Exactly what I was thinking.

        • laura

          I agree with you on most part but it is quite different in Europe. In Europe it doesn’t cost much at all (France and Holland being the most expensive with around 1000 euros). So we don’t have those part time jobs (some do but it’s not for college) and we do party a lot.
          The rest you said is completely true though. I’ll be studying a year longer so I have more job opportunities, I have an internship at the Belgian Embassy for a month (getting up at 5 am and not getting paid woohoo), then I’ll be working two months so I can pay my trip to America, etc etc. Just so I might have a shot at a decent job.
          The problem is that when you go applying for a job, even for a summer job, they tell you that you don’t have enough experience.

          • JUG

            Yep. The 20’s are not as easy and carefree as Hollywood portrays. The pressure actually starts in late teen when you have to worry about getting into a good college. This means great grades, strong SAT, stellar extra-curricular activities, strong character references etc.

            There’s more pressure than ever before for young people. You just wouldn’t know it if you watch movies or music videos. There, it’s like a party 24/7, fun, fun, fun! Could anyone ever concentrate in class or do well on exams if they partied as much as Miley and Justin? Does anyone in college seriously have as much time to shop, get coffee and workout like Nick and Joe Jonas? Or to constantly get their hair done like Ashley and Vanessa?

            It’s actually very insulting when you think of it. Miley, Justin, Nick, Joe, Vanessa and Ashley should just NOT say that what they are doing is what typical young people do today. Just stop it. If they want an accurate comparator, they should look to the Kardashians. But they would never say that because that is not smart marketing. No celeb wants to say they are like the fame whoring, money loving Kardashians. They just all act like them.

        • c

          this is literally the best, most intelligent comment i have EVER seen on OU in the past 5 years i’ve been reading. if i could like it more than once i would.

  • Tash

    Once again, another hypocrite. The movies this woman has done is disgusting. Like when is she ever not full on nude. Wanna know why shes pretty irrelevant. Cos yeah a bunch have kids and semi retire but also all her other junk is just nasty and too rated for most to speak off. Lets be real, the only reason shes opening her mouth is cos like many, she had her days and did her shit and got the satisfaction and now think they can write rules to life cos they are so scared now that they have kids and realise how much they fucked up and how fucked up the world is and now they think they can control shit. The usual way to deal with anything is to blame someone else. Nope, you be a fucking good parent. Stop expecting the tv and young people to raise your kids for you.

    • Nbl

      You’re not the brightest crayon in the box, are you?

      • laura

        She’s kind of right though.
        Celebrities aren’t fucking nannies. I used to listen to Britney and Madonna but you don’t see me walking around with nothing but rhinestones on me or a pointy corset..

      • Tash

        Your argument being? Dont come at me with snarky comments and back up jack shit. You only sound ‘cool’ to your fellow 1st graders.

    • anon

      Movies. She was ACTING you imbecile.

      • Tash

        So is miley ‘imbecile’! And no one put a gun to her head and say take those roles.

    • GentileJewel

      It actually shows alot how she is in hollywood! She hasn’t really changed! Such things as losing lots of weight or giving in! I don’t see her movies much Yes! But that is a moral and or Spiritual issue! Which anyone can have at any time! She is talking more about todays issues!

      • Tash

        Its all morality at the end sweetheart. Thats societies structure. Were not a logical species. At least we dont structure the world as such.

  • no

    she died in the titanic bye

    • nolitaa

      and the most ridiculous comment of the day goes to… (see comment above)

    • XD

      ROFLMAOOO! *dyin*

  • Clauber

    I love Kate (:

  • soft ghetto

    i think miley’s ratchet act was created by her publicist, so all the celebs who are analyzing her sound stupid imo.

    • GentileJewel

      She is responsible for her (Act) Never the less! She is Stupid!

  • :)

    Three days into the new year and yet another irrelevant bitch that can’t keep her fucking mouth shut. Newsflash Kate, Miley has always been this way, crazy and wild. So stop worrying about Miley’s life and career and worry about your life and (cough cough) career.

    • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

      I would say Kate’s far from irrelevant. Sure, some people should stray away from making public opinions about certain people, but she definitely doesn’t need to worry about her career; she just had a baby and has a new movie coming out.

      • :)

        Well then, she should shut up and let it go. Why did she even have to say anything? Oh, that’s right she talked to the Mirror and they asked her a question most likely about Miley, Everyone had their say so last year why does she feel the need to open her mouth up now. You said she has a movie coming out? So she’s gonna use Miley for promo. Cheap bitch.

        • lololol

          She might not ‘let it go’ cause you know in the titanic she was all like: “I’ll never let goooo” *lets go of the dude as he sinks into the depth of le Atlantic*

          • :)


        • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

          I doubt she’s stooping so low to use Miley for promotion.

  • boystan

    is it me or is miley’s hype fading?

    • :)

      It’s you.