Nick Jonas Olivia Culpo Sex Chemistry

nick-jonas-olivia-culpo-sexual-chemistryNick Jonas wants to have sex with Olivia Culpo. Language expert Dr. Lillian Glass revealed: ‘There’s a lot of sexual energy here. He’s pulling her pelvis toward his body and she’s intertwining her hand with his. This is highly passionate!’ Via @NoliviaIsLove.

Do YOU think Nick broke purity and his having sex with Olivia?!

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  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “Nick Jonas wants to have sex with Olivia Culpo. Language expert Dr. Lillian Glass revealed.” As if that was something worth ‘revealing’, I’m sure they’re already having sex and that’s none of anyone’s business but theirs.

    “Do YOU think Nick broke purity and he’s having sex with Olivia?!” Nick was with Miley.. I’m sure his purity has been tainted awhile now.

  • Vic

    “Do YOU think Nick broke purity and his having sex with Olivia?!” …

  • taty

    lol about this, they obviously haven’t seen miley and nick starred at each other, they have more fire in them that this two together, but hey nick has to make miley jelousse about that his game right? now he need to get engaged like miley did. and why the hell he putting facial hair like liam ummm sure he not over milley trying to look like her ex. ok Olivia will be history, specially after that song breaking the silence it screams miley, Olivia it just a show until miley is ready to be serious.

    • anon

      You do know that Breaking the Silence song was from 3 years ago, right? It’s not new, it doesn’t reflect anything about how he feels right now, and it wasn’t even a song he wrote for himself, it was a song he wrote for another artist.

      • taty

        that a beautiful song he should had taking that song instead of the songs he recently release with the Jonas. breaking the silence is a hit song, wonder why didn’t he use that song as a first single in the Jonas that will had made it #1

  • Truth

    Nick has sex with miley in 09 on their jet ski trip. Olivia is using him for fame as well as her family. They will get engaged but break it off. Nick wants miley and selena.

    • Anon

      Lol Miley lost her v card to Liam tho at 16

  • gossipgurlxoxo

    LOL they live together I would assume they are having sex. He probably didn’t lose his V card to her, cause he was having sex with Delta too.

  • anon

    Nicky lost his purity years go when he took off the ring in 2010.

  • cerenagee

    they are the absolute cutest! their sex lives is their business and not ours.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Not to mention that this scene was written by someone for their music video so Dr. you need to see another photo and judge

  • anon

    They make a really good looking couple. Nick, Olivia is a keeper. Do the right thing & soon.

  • anon

    Okay let’s act now like Nick is a virgin for a second.. ITS ’08 PEOPLE

  • GentileJewel

    Stupid people deserve each other! Go ahead and vomit! It makes sense!

  • anon

    Considering how Nick was just a complete asshole to fans on Twitter who wanted him to tweet, I think I’m completely over him. That was pretty rude, fans just wanted him to wish them a Happy New Year or something and he goes into douche mode.

    • Kit

      Hey, can’t Nick have a holiday, too? And,
      evidently, he’s had lots of company besides

      • Anon

        I’m not talking about him not tweeting during the holiday I’m talking about him coming on today and being rude/making fun of the fans he has left on Twitter who were asking him to tweet and at least say hi to his fans.

        That was shitty of him. He needs to untwist his panties about the fact that not everyone worships Olivia like he does.

  • ghngj

    well she is sooooo fake because she got soo many surgerys and she is a fake person too to using nick jonas for fame and money what a famewhore

  • boystan

    is he still a virgin

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Umm… That purity promise was thrown out the window a long time ago…

  • Not an Idiot

    If they aren’t having sex then he’s really f’king stupid.
    Just sayin’