Debby Ryan & Boyfriend Josh Juice Date

Debby Ryan and her boyfriend Josh Dun go hand-in-hand as they grab some pressed juice in Los AngelesDisney Channel diva Debby Ryan and her boyfriend Josh go hand-in-hand as they grab some pressed juice in Los Angeles. Debby Instagrammed pic: ‘the couple that cooks together.. [gets fat together]’ Photos: PacificCoastNews.


  • honesty

    Cute couple!

  • cerenagee

    Not a debby ryan fan but this is cute. And did she actually say gets fat together? The saying goes the Couple that (insert interest here)’s together stays together. If ou inserted gets fat then that’s fucked up and is exactly how eating disorders start.

    • honesty

      She was trying to be funny. It was just a joke.

      • cerenagee

        Its not funny to call someone fat

        • honesty

          She didn’t call anyone fat……ooooookay. she made a lighthearted joke referencing herself. Geez, lighten up.

          • Guest

            Did you even read my comment? I said if Oceanup changed that and said fat not herself. Learn to read dear.

          • cerenagee

            Idk why my comment came up as guest. But I wasnt bashing Debby Ryan for making a joke about herself, that would be stupid. I was referring my comment to OU

          • honesty

            Okay I get you. Sorry.

    • ASS

      is exactly how eating disorders start LOL

      • YouCouldShutTheHeckUp

        LOL. E-X-A-C-T-L-Y

  • liza

    He is ugly! Who is he anyway?

    • anon

      Joshua Dun, he’s an amazing drummer in a band called twenty one pilots. You should look for some other photos of him he’s actually pretty cute

  • Mila

    Guys shouldn’t wear sheer clothing. It looks homosexual.

    • No

      clearly he’s not homosexual.

  • disqus_qfyOBdJfvT

    AHHHH Josh! Twenty One Pilots are my favorite band and he is a kick-ass drummer. Also the nicest guy ever. You go Debby Ryan… I aint even mad.

  • Dara

    Not crazy about her outfit….

  • thatdork

    Back in the days, if a Disney star (is she still in Disney?) was caught dating, people would be flipping tables. It would be all over the news.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      lol ,not anymore

  • boystan

    he’s cute get it

  • boystan

    i forgot what show she’s from

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      she was on the suite life but she got her own show 2 years ago.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    I love how she is a normal size unlike everyone on disney now,this is her first public boyfriend and shes like 21,but good for her!

  • wuteven

    OH MY GOD HE’S FROM TWENTYONE PILOTS! Fuck I love that band!

    Never thought one of them would date a Disney star. ;o

  • Jessiemac

    I love her!

  • Andrea Bañares

    is jebby really over