Demi Lovato Selena Gomez Tequilas

demi-selena-tequilasdemi-selena-tequilasDemetria Lovato & Selena Gomez looked to be truly happy and best friends again while out to dinner last night at Tequilas. Hopefully, Demi is giving Selena advice on how to deal with her issue of getting back with Justin Bieber.

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    selena is going to need demi now that she is dealing with rehab, so happy that they have reconnected :) <3

    • Clauber

      Rehab for her Bieber issues

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      lol,strange how they start hanging out again after not really being together tho.there is definatly something going on with selena.shes hanging out with all her old friends/ex boyfriend all in a few days.

  • anon

    Lmao, the one who should be receiving advice is Demi, who is drinking tequila when she’s rehabilitating from being an alcoholic, Selena can get back with her ex boyfriend if she wants to because she’s centered.

    • laura

      Are you blind or just stupid?
      They are drinking pink lemonade.
      Et en plus, tequila comes in shot glasses…

    • Laura

      The place they’re eating at is called Tequilas.

    • javi g

      you can be on a restaurant with a friend and not have a drink. yes the place its called tequila’s but its mostly mexican food.

  • sheusedtolookgoodwithoutmakeup

    wow, demi looks so ugly

    • sheusedtolookgoodwithoutmakeup

      ok that was rude, lets replace ugly with bad

    • Laura

      I don’t think she looks ugly or bad, she looks fresh faced. It’s cute.

  • commonsense

    Demi doesn’t look bad . She looks decent. We just are used to seeing her with a lot of makeup.

    Btw I thought demi didn’t drink? Oh well I guess its not bad to drink at times.

    I love seeing them together. They are both such good people so its nice that they’re friends again!

    • kelseyL

      Drinking at times is not bad, drinking at times when you are out of rehab and dealing with being an alcoholic in the past is very,very bad. It’s incredibly easy to slip back down into that vicious cycle again. It’s the same thing as someone going into rehab for drug abuse, then later on going out one night and taking drugs. She’s been apparently sober for almost 2 years. Hope she’s not going to go back down that path now.

      • Cici

        She is not drinking. The place is called Tequilas. Demi has her shit under control.

    • anon

      i think demi looks better without makeup then with makeup.

    • KatieXX

      She’s not drinking, the place they’re eating at is named Tequilas.

  • commonsense

    Oceanup shut up. Ur comments are so ridiculous

  • Sandy McFarlane

    I don’t see any tequila shots on the table??

    • Clauber

      Tequilas is the place name

  • Hollyhysteria

    She isn’t drinking, idiots, that looks like water and a shirley fucking temple. Hush.

    • commonsense

      U can’t prove a point without insulting people. Let me help you.

      “She isn’t drinking, that looks like water and a shirley temple”

      See its easy.

      • Hollyhysteria

        I rarely insult people in these comments but thank you for your advice.

  • anonymous

    aaaanyway. where’s the new wave of talent that’s already been late by a year

  • Some Dude

    Is Tequilas a restaurant, because those don’t look like any tequila drinks I know.

    • javi g

      yes is a restaurant in la. and i think they are drinking lemonades and there also blottles of water.

  • soft ghetto

    doubt it.

  • cerenagee

    Omg people. Its oceanup. OU will do fucking anything to manipulate a situation to start drama on here. The restaurant is most likely called Tequilas. You don’t drink tequila out of a water glass like that. There are no shot glasses either. Demi is strictly not drinking. Use a little common sense when it comes to posts now because OU manipulates shit now.

    Pretty sure we’d all love for you to grow up and give us real info instead of manipulating shit to cause drama OU.

    • Ciara

      Sometimes OU makes me hate them and compare them to those annoying fake bitches from my high school like mean girls smh just drama queens

  • Guest

    They both know how to pick douche bag boyfriends (Beiber / Wilmer).

  • adfsfs

    It clearly says “dinner last night AT Tequilas” people.

  • bridget

    Some of you have very bad reading comprehension skills. The description of this post clearly states that the restaurant they are eating at is called Tequilas. Nowhere did it say either of them were drinking alcohol, and the glasses shown on the table are glasses for soda and water, not tequila.
    Moving on to the question OU posed, I can’t see Demi giving Selena advice on her relationship. From the way she has talked about Justin, Lindsay, and Miley in the press when asked if she would advise them on their party lifestyles she’s made it pretty clear that she can’t tell other people how to live their lives, and that there is no promise that she’ll always be sober or put together. The only way I see her giving Selena advice on Justin is if Selena asks for it, but given that Selena has completely disregarded the opinions of Taylor and numerous other friends on the matter I doubt she’d ask for it, or listen to it.

  • Duckyhoward15

    something wrong with Demi’s cheeks ?

  • Whoa

    I was there! My friend and I spent like twenty minutes trying to figure out if it was actually them, because she and I never see any celebrities. The girl in the picture was actually sitting the booth in front of us. She was really the only one to get a picture. Everyone else just kind of said ‘hi’ or complimented them and tried to act casual. But they seemed really nice. One girl or woman rather, who had to been in her thirties asked for their autographs, and Demi, jokingly said “That depends, is this gonna end up on the internet later?” And Selena was like “Yeah and if this ends up on Craigslist…..well, it better go for a hell of a lot.” And they all laughed.

  • Cici

    Demi looks so cute & natural. Selena gorgeous as always

  • boystan


  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    love seeing them together again!

  • YouCouldShutTheHeckUp

    I’m glad Demi is getting better. She has been through so much and she is the best EVER. So everyone, calm down. She is 21. She can drink. She is responsible. We aint the mama. She is a grown woman and her sacrifices and choices she makes is up to her.