Lord Jamar, ‘Miley Is White Rihanna’

miley-happy-2Lord Jamar said in an interview with Vlad TV, that white people tend to like music and gravitate towards white people that ‘do’ black music. He goes on to call Miley Cyrus a ‘white Rihanna,’ says Miley’s ‘whiteness will propel her even further than Rihanna.’

Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar: ‘If this is not black music then how come every white artist needs a co-sign from a black person? Beastie Boys had the co-sign from Run DMC.

Eminem had the co-sign from Dr. Dre. Vanilla Ice didn’t have a co-sign. That’s why he didn’t fuckin last. Macklemore, see I don’t know who his co-sign is. Now he might be an exception to the rule, but I don’t know who his co-sign is. But at the same time, black peoples not really fucking with Macklemore like that.’

Prior to sharing his thoughts on co-signs, Lord Jamar offered his opinion on Miley Cyrus and revealed that the singer is trying to be a “white Rihanna.” He also stated that since Miley is white she’ll likely be more successful than Rihanna: “She’s doing historically what a lot of artists have done. You know what I mean? The ones that go for the shock value. But she’s also trying to pull from black music. Like to me, she’s trying to be the white Rihanna. She’s just pushing a little further. I mean, listen to her music. Listen to the way it sounds. The way she’s singing. Like she’s trying to sound like Rihanna right now. Like let’s keep it real. She cut her hair short trying to look like Rihanna. You dig what I’m saying? But she knows that that whiteness will propel her even further than Rihanna. Because in a country where white people are the majority, that’s what they want to see.” FULL Interview Under on racism in music industry!

“Just like in Eminem. We had a lot of people talking about ‘Is Eminem a guest in the house of Hip Hop?’ You’re mothafuckin right he is,” Jamar said. “Just cause he sold the most records and all of that like…I fucks with Eminem, you know, as a lyricist and all of that, but it’s like we are in America. Okay? Where the majority of the people are white. Now the majority of the people in the world are not white. But here in America they’re white. So, when you have a white artist doing black music, white people just gravitate to that crazily. You know what I mean? But sales doesn’t equate to greatness.”

Following Lord Jamar’s comments about white rappers in September of last year, he’s shared his thoughts on artists both black and white. Last month, he offered advice to Chicago rapper Chief Keef and in the same month he demanded an apology from Alabama emcee Yelawolf after he informed Jamar to “shut the fuck up” during an interview with Vlad TV. “I’m gonna give you a chance to publicly apologize,” he said. “And if you can do that I’ll leave you alone. If you don’t, if I ever see you it’s on on sight. I don’t have nothing to talk about. I’m running at you at a hundred miles an hour. On sight. That’s how I grew up. You know what I mean? So, that’s all I can say really. I’m not even emotional about it really. It’s nothing to me.”

  • cerenagee

    She wishes she was the white rihanna.

  • yea

    IA she is the white Riri

  • laura

    Actually, he’s giving me racist vibes… Seriously though, there’s no such thing as black music or white music. Music is music, it’s what brings people together no matter what skin tone they have.
    In Belgium we have Stromae who sort of reunited our country, just by his amazing music. I’m not even exaggerating here.

    • ashleyofcourse

      no hes not racist. he has a point. its a historical thing done here in america sadly….even my white teacher was saying it. hell he was the one teaching it to us. elvis, buddy holly, beach boys, beastie boys, beatles they are all ahmazing artists, but they all stole their lyrics and/or style from the black artists of their time. but the black artists who did it first didnt get the recognition. no it was the white artists. and just culture in general. take the twerking. its nothing new. been around since before i was born. but mostly black people did it. we were shamed and ridiculed for it. called ratchet and what not. but the moment miley and other white stars decide they want to do it, suddenly its more accepted. now everyyybody wants to twerk.
      in a sense youre right. music is music. but hip hop did originate from black culture. yes anyone can enjoy it and choose it as there genre, but it did come from us. why that is important? because when people are constantly wanting to take all things from black culture and make it cool, minus the black people themselves, well that becomes a problem…..i wish more people were like you though! your clearly chill and not racist lol but here in america, and even over sees in europe and south america, racism runs strong…

      • laura

        Oh I totally get what you’re saying and definitely agree with you.
        I think that the problem is that those things happened ‘back in the days’, back when it was almost like a sin to be black. People just didn’t know any better, I guess. But I still feel like music is something universal and shouldn’t just belong to one culture. White people can rap if they want, just as black people can sing country music (stupidest comparison ever, sorry). As long as no one leaves the past behind, there will be racism and it’s just disgusting to me.
        And the twerking issue is so sad. I know that they do it in many African countries just as a cultural expression of joy at weddings and stuff, at least that’s what I learned at university. But for some reason, white and black people, do it to provocate and look all sexy and slutty and whatnot. It’s really a shame because now people say it should be banned.
        And for racism in Europe: it’s not as severe as in America. Blacks are very well accepted here but Europeans have more of a problem with Muslims for some reason. I mean, yeah there are rotten apples, but we can’t call an entire ‘race’ (sorry if that’s not the proper word) bad or terrorists just because of those rotten apples. It’s like calling all Germans nazis.
        I just simply grew up in a multicultural street :) right now I’m walking around with henna on my hands because I visited my Moroccan neighbours haha I seriously love it, there’s a family of practically each country in my street.

        • ashleyofcourse

          yaaasss thats what people need!! i grew up like that too, everyone in town was from some different area on earth hahaa and lmaooo no no nooo twerking didnt come from africa! xD its black american history. omgg they taught that it came from africa?? thats interesting lol youd get your ass whipped if you were caught twerkinggg in africa x’D and yeah i get what youre saying about the music. i deff dont agree with jamar saying white people arent allowed to rap. thats nonsense, but it just has to be done appropriately. like eminem and justin biebz did it right whereas people believe miley did it for attention/money. which would be unfair.

    • Godney

      The thing is that it doesnt “bring” people together, because ALOT of white people wont listen to a black rapper or a black r&b but will listen to a white rapper and a white r&b.
      THATS what he is saying. He is saying miley is trying to pull a White Rihanna because white people have more success than black people in USA.
      Its hard to see it from outside USA. but USA also has tried to pull this “white>>>black” on latin america and others part of the world.
      I grew up watching Sister Sister, Kenan and Kell and Fresh Prince, so to me black people are no different or surprise at all but for many they are.
      I try my best to be educated on others cultures beside mine but ALOT (if not mostly) of white people dont want to.

      Thats what his point was, white people try to “colonize” black music.
      R&B, Rock n roll, Jazz, Rap, hip-hop all of those started by black people.

      • laura

        I’m sorry but you’re being racist now.
        Us white people learn about new cultures everyday. Why? Because more and more different people come to our countries because of the awful circumstances in theirs, and I don’t blame them. Like I’ve said, I grew up in a multicultural neighbourhood: I’ve been taught to belly dance, to do henna, to play djembe and how to say ‘enjoy your meal’ in probably every language out there. And I swear that there are a lot more neighbourhoods like that out there.
        If you go to school, you learn about the world’s history and all different cultures as well.
        And yes, white people have ‘colonized’ black music back in the days when it was a shame to be black. But now, now music is universal, it’s for everyone and it brings everyone together and makes us all alike.
        That Stromae guy I’ve been raving about and am pretty much worshipping? He’s half Rwandese and if he wasn’t I’m sure as hell he wouldn’t have accomplished what he has accomplished to this day.

        • Godney

          IDK if you read the whole thing or didnt get my point.
          I was mainly talking about USA, i see everyday USA white people come to my country or to latin america just because “aw its a cute little country” and they have no idea of our culture or what USA did to us.

          I said i grew watching black people shows so to me they werent different.
          The thing is to mostly white people black or latinos or asian are still shame in a way (most white people dont even know they are being racist because its so much in our society that they cant even tell anymore, not because black people arent slaves now it means racist is over).

          Take miley for example, do you think she actually did research for twerk? or research of black music? lets not forget she said she wanted her album to “sound black”.

      • ashleyofcourse

        this^^^ thank youu lol

  • honesty

    I’m not black and I’m not white, but he’s not racist. This has happened throughout the history of music: white artists steal from black ones. Even Elvis. He stole all his moves from an underground circuit of black clubs where black artists performed. Whites used to look at blacks and laugh and point saying all they were good for is entertainment. That they looked like a bunch of monkeys jumping around making music until they started to see that you can make money off of music. When they saw this, they decided to steal from blacks. You know why it’s called a cover when an artist sings another artists songs? Because white artists took songs from black ones and “covered” them up with their own voices. Basically stealing music from blacks and projecting it out to be their (white artists) songs. Blacks have the power in terms of music. That came from Africa. Dance, music, all of it.

    • cerenagee


    • Godney

      Yessss!!!. Thats what im saying… Not many rock n roll black singers are known but Elvis is the king. Not many black rappers are worldwide praised but eminem is a king. Rihanna is a slut but miley is feminist… thats the point of what he said.

  • Nic Ros

    She didn’t cut her damn hair to look like Rihanna wtf

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      this guy is obviously a delusional racist who obvi hates miley lmfao… I dont mean to stereotype, but this is very common for black people to always victimize themselves for no reason. Like people said above, MUSIC IS MUSIC… there’s no such thing as black ppl music or white ppl music.

      • anon

        Wow. Please learn about history. You are so clueless and ignorant. “Victimize themselves” try being black for a day. Other races can’t say s h i t.

        • ashleyofcourse

          oooooooooohhhhhh preachhh
          i swear all we need is a role reversal month for whites and maybe then theyll get it lmaoo

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            ‘they’ when did every black person turn on miley, they are the ones buying her album. this is just one guy not all blacks opinions tbh

        • laura

          Other races can say shit.
          Muslims get called terrorists daily.
          Women get lower wages and less job opportunities than men.
          Germans still get called nazis.
          Jews are hated for numerous reasons.
          Inequality is everywhere, no matter what you’re race is.

          • Godney

            How do white people suffer from racism?
            please explain.
            (btw, black woman get lower wages and job opportunities than white woman)

          • laura

            It’s like you don’t even read what I’ve written.
            I’m talking about INEQUALITY in general, not racism. Racism is only a small part of inequality.
            Also, it’s not only black women who get less job opportunities, it’s everyone who has a darker skintone. And in my country, your wages are not based on your skincolour but your gender.
            It’s not like I ever denied that there is racism towards black people, I’m very much aware of that.

      • anon

        Read “honesty”s comment above because he/she is absolutely right.

        • honesty


      • Marina And My Diamonds

        It’s not common for us to “victimize” ourselves, sadly our whole fucking history is about being a victim that doesn’t mean we think we are. I believe music is music as well and this lord Jamar dude can suck it because I like Macklemore but damn why did you have to stereotype this situation.

      • Zaina777

        Excuse me? I am pretty sure we don’t victimize ourselves… You should maybe learn more about history before you say shit like that. That was really ignorant of you to say.

        • honesty

          Gotta forgive her because she’s not black. She will never understand. Smh.

      • Let’s Not

        good job outing yourself as white supremacist. officially a moron.

      • ashleyofcourse

        you know what happend in the 1950s? music producers went out to find a white guy with a black sound.
        and thus elvis was born.
        there are so many more examples but i think youd be better off just taking a whole class. there is no white music or black music, but there is a culture that was ripped off by white people. which is fine sometimes, but damn, would it kill to give credit?

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        ‘this is very common for black people to always victimize themselves for no reason.’ this sounds very racist.He is one person ,he doesnt represent all black ‘people’.

  • Clauber

    Lmfao no way,

  • TalkTheCorrectShit

    is he fucking serious. ok this a black girl speaking. Now as a fan of miley and rihanna. let me educate you theres anvideo from 2007 or 2008. where miley with long hair has a picture of twiggy with a short blonde pixie cut and she says and i quote one day im going to cut my hair like this. and she did it. 2 miley is a bi product of america she grew up listening to country’ rock, pop and hiphop. im trying to be white we i sing paramore or hang out with my white friends. im sorry just because im black should i ony bump jayz and gucci and hang out with my black friends. If anything miley is breaking social barriers. Shes working wth all types of people widing her aduience becuse she loves musc. I agree there are peple who steal from black artist andusethem but miley isnt one. Shes a normal 21 old in 2014. And seriously she sounds nothing like rih ive been listening to rihanna since she was 16. Miley has her own sound and killer set of pipes. Dude stfu and oceanup you been posting shit articles about miley since she left hollywood records wack ass company. You still mad she outsells your top artist.

    • :)

      Omg, point on with the twiggy comment. People think that Miley stole Pinks look, lmao. I remember Miley talking about that one day she too will have short hair.

  • casey

    very true. look at the most famous musicians (by white folk standards). elvis, the beatles, etc. they all adopted music forms that were traditionally sung by blaack people, but their white faces made it more easily acceptable by the mainstream media. elvis was a millionaire. big mama thornton (the black lady who he ripped the song hound dog off from) was not. the beatles are mega icons. the isley brothers and ray charles who they ripped off, although also legendary are no where near their status. this same rip off thing was basically the standard in the 1920s through probably the 70s.

    now i dont think the race issue is that big a deal these days. the most popular singers in the world are probably black people. i think that america has become more accepting and tolerant of other cultures. so while i think this dude has a valid point, its becoming way less valid than in past decades

  • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

    Nopenopenope. I don’t believe Miley can achieve what Rihanna has if that makes any sense.

    • boystan


  • YouCouldShutTheHeckUp

    White Rihanna? I don’t understand. I’m confused. Because why does their have to be such thing as a white rihanna? Why do we have divide music genre by skin tone? Why cant miley cyrus just be miley cyrus without being a Caucasian version of a african-american star? Just like when she said she wants to make black music. What is black music? Rap? Hip-Hop? Listen to Eminem. Listen to Becky G. They arent black, but according to mc, they sing black music. She needs to sit down and zip her lips and keep her slimy lizard tongue in between the walls of her mouth because she can SHUT THE HECK UP.

    • boystan


  • boystan

    goodbye not even close

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    this guy is own worse drugs than miley if he belives she will eclipse rihanna. rihhana is only 3 years older than miley and has won seven fucking grammys, half were won by the time she was mileys age. miley has never even been nominated.sit down!

  • Cici